Heres a pic(s) of the weed I told you about I got in my backyard

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LiL D.k., May 7, 2006.

  1. And again I forgot to post some of the picks of the bud that's growing in between the patio but theres alot of plants growing around there.
  2. im no expert but shouldnt you clear the area around your plants a bit?
    when i left mine outdors last year bad weeds almost killed it in the peak of summer.
  3. Well I think they jus started to grow. I don't plan on leaving them there, I am either going to move them in pots outside or bring em in. I'm still debating.
  4. wont your dad throw them out if u bring them inside since he said he was going to dig them up? also why doesnt your dad care that there growing... like my dad would dig them up as soon as he saw them and wouldnt tell me that we had weed growing in our backyard... my guess is your dad planted them and the reason he dug them up last time was to harvest them and then smoke it up lol
  5. He won't know they are inside. He doesn't come to my rooms upstairs ever. He does cae that they are growing. Last year is when they grew and he dug em up last year, I wasjust shocked they came back. And I didnt care last year cus I didn't smoke or nothing. Trust me, he don't smoke bomb. BUT today I'm about to bring em in and plant em. Wish me luck I'll update with pics

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