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  1. Well I just took a couple of pic's of may babies, Being a new grower I've made plenty of mistakes so far. But mistakes can be fixed. To all you new growers here's what can happen when U deprive your plant's of water and fertalizer right from the get go.(take my advise don't deprive!!) These are terrible pic's because I have to use my web cam, I've got a beautiful 35mm slr camera with zoom lens but I don't have a scanner....Anyway BTW. Baby #1 is now 9" tall and Baby #2 is pushing 12" They were topped about a week and a half ago and the leaves are really starting to fill in but my stocks are still kinda slim, I've recently added 2 more flouro's and a fan for circulation and it's helping out tremendously. I can't remember off hand when they were started(godamn amateur) but I'm guessing 6weeks ago give or take a week. They are super healthy looking just late bloomers because of my early neglect. I only planted 2 and I think the weed god's were looking out for me because I think (don't know for sure still early) but I think they are both females!! Yippee!!! Can any moderators tell me if I should let them get bushier or can I put them into flowering anytime soon?? I think they are females because at the stem where the branch meets I have two little hair like things growing out of the stem? GIRLS?? or to early to tell?? Anyway all U newbies out there should be able to see that they are tall and lanky instead of bushy... GIVE THEM LIGHTS AND GIVE THEM FERTS!!! Peace Out....Crocodile:)

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  2. You know you can put your pics all in the same thread, right?
  3. YA but HOW???
  4. nice looking....this site is like
  5. How do you start them to flower im new at this and am going to start growing really soon i thought they flower naturally

  6. By reducing the light cycle to 12 hrs light / 12 hours dark ie, 12/12.
  7. ndicabud thanks for the reply never understood that

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