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    Well after 2 years of not being able to grow, I'm back at it again...

    Starting this journal off a wee bit later than most, but what can I say other than I'm a stoner.
    But here's what I'm working with.

    veg room: 2x2x5 homemade grow box, aero cloner (homemade), to root cuttings currently using 160w of 4 ft fluro's (way too much wattage, but kinda in a money bind atm.) Once cuttings have rooted I throw in a 70w mh to get cuttings up to 12-15 inches before inducing flowering.

    flower room: the dimensions of the flower room can vary as its set up on the inside of my walk-in closet. the veg box is also inside the closet. the closet itself is 5x5x8. so yeah, and stuff.... but i am currently using 400w hps over the flowering area that is about 2 1/2 foot wide and about 3 feet in length. so gettin 133 watts per sq foot, or thereabouts.

    the strains i currently am growing are grape ape and jack herer. Never grown the ape before but the jack has been a personal favorite of mine since i started growing in 2000. Like I stated before though, had to take a 2 year vacation from growing (had my first little one) But now that he's a bit older and I'm less paranoid, I'm ready for another go round.

    So, about whats goin on now since like I mentioned before, starting this off a bit behind schedule, but oh well.

    The cuttings in the pic were taken 3 days ago, and have already forced out new growth, so lookin forward to gettin that 160 watts outta there and gettin that 70 mh in there. I hate wasting that extra 90 watts just to root cuttings, but as mentioned before cant really afford a little 2 ft t5 set up atm. So i'll just have to make due til i can update my old technology with the new wave of lighting.... t5 fluros and really interested in LED's as well. Would like to wait a while longer before jumpin on board with led's though. ummm, oh yeah... the flowering room was switched to 12/12 on sept 1st. So its day 10 on the pics for the flowering girls.

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  2. dude... i gotta go aeroponic! s'all i gotta say... besides props on the new setup and keep up the good work, mate!
  3. gotta love hydro period, but i have a passion for soil as well. i feel so much closer with plants that are grown in soil. weird? supposse so...

    anyways, lights come on here in a few so i'll snag some pics of the aero bucket for ya as promised
  4. k, buddy here's the pics as promised. other than the pump and misters there is a air stone attached to an aquarium pump, to help oxygenate the nutrient solution.


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  5. Well its Sunday and that means its time for the weekly water changes. thought i'd take a few pictures since the girls were out. Its day 12 into flowering and going into their 13th night. I am very much looking forward to how this grape ape is going to yield, she's a monsta!!

    Since I havent covered it before

    Nutrients: General Hydroponics FloraMicro, FloraGro, FloraBloom, and KoolBloom
    as well as B'Cuzz Bloom Solution and weekly foliar sprays of
    NitroZyme and Dark Energy.

    Nutrient Solution kept maintained at 6.3 ph and currently running 1050 ppm

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  6. dude! lookin SWEET! I was wondering how are you training your plants to make them fork out at the bottom and get all bushy like that... did you top them early? I noticed one of the pictures shows a bent stalk.. is this part of the training process or was it a "happy accident"?
  7. Ye, mate topped them early... I believe on their 3rd set of leaves and then trained from that point on. I train "bend" the shit outta my girls from the very beginning of veg. I make full 90 degree bends in them very carefully... They usually flop over for about 30 mins and then are curling right back towards the light in no time at all. This really helps me to create an even canopy without all the hassles of setting up a netting for scrog, which is kinda a pain in the arse, if ya ask me....
  8. Fucking brilliant, mate!
  9. cant wait to smoke some of that :hello:
  10. Oh for sure, we'll get you up and growin soon too... Dont you worry!
  11. So yeah, thought I'd take some pics of the cuttings since its been 4 days since anyone has seen them. I took them 7 days ago this evening. 100% success rate, gotta love it! Also took a couple pics of the girls under the lights they are on day 15 of goin 12/12.

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    What did you use to make your aeroponic cloner? Looks like your method works as well as or better than those EZ clone machines you see for like $250!! really I'd like to know what your recipe is, cause I need one that works... would you be able to plant those in soil? or can you only use them for aero systems? You're a fucking horticultural artisan, bro.
  13. Damn it, just got back from the local hydro store and they were all out of 3 inch net cups.... GRRRRRR, they never have anything in stock and you have to order everything threw them. This mega upset me as my little girls in the cloner are ready to get into netcups with hydroton. So now they will be in there until at least tomorrow, which is ok I suppose. But I mean seriously shouldnt a hydro store have net cups?!?!

    I'll make sure to post some pics this evening to show how quickly these roots grow in my aero cloner
  14. so here are the pics as promised... Oh, what a difference a day makes! Roots went from a little stump to over an inch long. Hopefully the hydro store gets my netcups in tomorrow... bbl, takin out the fluro's and puttin in the hps, keeping one strip of the fluro's for some blue spectrum.


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  15. a picture can be worth thousands of words... many thanks wizewizo. and, you're just over a week into bloom, right? lookin' nice! i just picked up an air stone... d00d.. NASA uses aeroponics and LEDs to grow shit on the space station... imagine growing weed in space! you could get some great yields i bet, using aero/LED/sonic bloom. and with zero grav you'd never have to use trellis netting!
  16. Ye mate, thought that those pics might give you a better idea of how the bucket is actually set up. With the pics from a previous post showing how to set up the pump misters, and then the last one lookin inside the bucket. Yer ass needs a drill though, if yer seriously thinking of switching to hydro. And to answer a question from earlier, yes, you can clone aero/hydro and then switch to soil shortly there after. Ye, when i first heard of LED's being used for growing. It was while i was readin science daily on an article on that very subject. So I mean if nasa is bustin it, ya know there's gotta be sumthan there eh?
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    Another pic to show the rapid root growth, even though no ones really lookin' :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    So ye, this is day 9 since taking cuttings


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  18. *I'M* looking... and I say aeroponics is the muthafuckin shit, y'all. s'all about the O2 to the ROOTZ, baby!
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    Picture time, so ye, here's some pics of day 10 since conception...

    Also pulled out the 80w 4' strip light still have the 70w hps in there and got on board with two 23w 6500k cfl's, so managed to cut down on some wattage. I believe that the cfl's will do a lot better than the strip light as it was pretty darn far away from the cuttings, but it was in there merely for spectrum.

    And the last pic is some sensi star I got tonight that I decided to make some "budder" with. Ganja treats are a speciality of mine.


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    So.... I am kinda sketchy atm, as the temp in my box that hasn't been a problem at all and I didnt believe would be a problem when I added the 2 23w cfl's this evening before the lights went out in the grow room (veg cab is in the flowering closet). I have checked the temp on the dig therm that i have inside the cabinet and it's reading 92.7 in there. Looks like the cfl's are goin back to lowes tomorrow and i'mma buy 2 or 3 18" strip lights to go around the outside of the 3 inside's of the cabinet. Since I believe that they deperse their heat over a bigger area, so it's easier to keep cool. Anyways I'll post some pics once I can get in the closet after a soccer game tomorrow and of course my S.F Giants vs. L.A Dodgers.... Piss on L.A:devious:! Come On Lets Giants!:hello::hello:

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