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  1. 3 days into my grow, this morning I woke excited to find my sprouts here, so today I start my very first grow journal.

    I'm using a 400w mh/hps setup in my closet

    Sprouted using CFL's

    Foxfarm organic ocean soil

    here are some pictures of my setup and plant so far!

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  2. Sounds like a recipie for success! Ill be watching!
    Is that a closet?
  3. Indeed it is!
  4. Sprout is 9 days old, lookin good so far!! Lemme know your opinions!!

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  5. So far so good just keep treating her good
  6. 11 days old, feels like the past few days I've seen rapid growth in my girl.

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  7. Girls 22 days old, gave her a bit of nuteburn because I gave it to her a little early, still looking good though, new growth is coming up nice and green! about 6-1/2" sprouted now, good strength stem.

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    Been a bit since I updated, plant really took off!! Also, to my delight, female!!

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