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    Finally! Here's round two that I promised from my first gallery. I usually scan my stuff in, then use Photoshop to touch up contrast and color balance. Unfortunately, it broke, and I currently have no job and no money. So I had to ghetto it up and take pictures of each with my camera phone so I apologize for the poor quality:( . In any case, if you saw my piece from the first thread here, you can see what I'm going for (merged and colored). Anyway, enough chat; here's the goods:

    I drew this after waking up from a bad dream:

    Inverted the colors to make it more interesting:

    A small one, but it has potential:

    Doodling on my gee-tar.

    More to come, and I promise these will be in better quality and colored when I get the chance. Let me know what you think!
  2. Good shit, that 2nd piece is dope as hell
  3. bottom one is my favorite, the tree is cool. I think these, considering your drawing style would actually be more trippy if they were less trippy.
  4. that bottom one is trippy as hell! you should draw it again with your amazing PS work done on it, or let me run with idea maybe?! +rep

  5. Do you mean like a minimalistic piece? I can see how that would work. The surreal elements would appear more so in contrast to the lack of everything else. That's a good suggestion. Hmmm.....
  6. bumping for more feedback
  7. I love that first piece, there is an artist that does work alot like yours, hmmm lemme see if I can find the link....damn can't find it, but do you have your work on deviant art?
  8. A little scary with the first one. It shows another level that our eyes don't meet. As if we had caption bubbles on the side of our head. Good use of
    expression with the words, and phrases. Your emotion is exuding out of this

    I love the second one with the inverted colors. I wonder what you could do with a little paint, or some colored pencils. The blues are my favorite. It shows a lot of alternate realities. I like the use of the frog - nature.

    Diggin' your style. Keep your art coming, steady flow. Things will lighten up.

  9. Yeah, I've seen some styles similar to mine, but nope, no deviant art account. Think I should make one?

    Wow thank you!
  10. i LOVE your guitar.
  11. those are rad as fuck.

    But the first and the second arent the same are they?

  12. Actually, I drew the second one sometime after the first. I guess the dream that inspired the face stuck with me enough to make an appearance in a completely separate drawing. In hindsight it's incredibly psychological. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    We have the same guitar, anyway that work on the guitar is Sick i've been wanting to do that for a while what did you use to apply it?
  14. Those are awesome! Id buy that shiz, seriously.

  15. Unfortunately, I used sharpie marker, which was not really the best. From what I understand, painting with nail polish and a fine-tipped brush is ideal for this kind of work. Otherwise you encounter the same problem I have; smudging and color bleeding. Now I need to go out and buy some kind of spray lacquer, which wouldn't be needed with the nail polish method.

    But if it's more just for the fun of it, permanent marker is fine. Just be careful because sweaty hands tend to rub it off after a while.

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