Here we go again: Shooting Near Texas A&M

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thomas437, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Conspiracy theorists are going to be going nuts with all these in a row.
  2. What the fuck is going on in the world? Seriously? 3 in a matter of months, the world is becoming such a different place.
  3. So anyone who doesn't eat up the official narrative put out by the corporate media is to be marginalized and dismissed?

    By definition, everyone is a conspiracy theorist. Unless you've never had someone lie to you at any point in your life, and you never called them out on it, you're a conspiracy theorist.

    Conspiracy theorist is a derogatory term meant to mold the parameters of acceptable 'public opinion', as if there is such a thing as a collective mind with collective opinions in the first place.

    Skeptic is more like it. :smoke:

  4. True, but I agree that conspiracy theorists (there goes that word again) are often too quick to call out a conspiracy. Not everything in this world is a conspiracy.

    On another note...I hope they get more information on what's going on. I live in Houston and my local news just broadcast that one of the officers was killed.
  5. The actions of society are a truer measure of just how fucked we are economically. Prosperity would go a long way to better the lives of people, and would substantially decrease these kinds of events.

    I dont pray; but my wishes, chi, thoughts and good intentions go out to the victims. Hopefully no one had to die. Its hard to find more info on just a phone :(

    Edit: At least the officer was in the line of actual duty when killed. Better to die defending the lives of people than die getting shot by someone who had their door kicked down by a drug raid. I respect him for giving all to stop the gunman.
  6. /Waits for next weeks shooting
  7. I got my theories. But i'm a skeptic. All i can do is wait it out and see.
  8. Shooting near Texas A-M kills officer, civilian, gunman

    Real mass shooting, way to stoke the flames of fear msm.

    Edward Bernays would be so proud. ;)
  9. Some people will blame firearms...

    Some people will blame violent movies and video games

    Some people will blame parents and upbringing

    Some people will blame society.

    I will just blame him!...
  10. All the latest gunmen have been dying this time
  11. this was in texas? this one should sure as shit stir up Alex Jones.

  12. Exactly It's like if I stabbed someone with a fork are we gonna blame the fork. NO but i'm pretty sure some of these foreigners on this site will blame guns even though they don't know shit about our gun laws, how guns work or about the way criminals are in this country. Bring on the hate England.

  13. THIS^^^

    Gun control works. Ask the experts, you know, Hitler, Stalin, ZeDong, ect. It worked swimmingly for those nations. GO genocide!

    Im VERY skeptical of these shootings so close together, and the media's dry humping and wringing them dry.

    You know what else i'm skeptical of? Our politicians and leaders ringing the fucking bell for gun control IMMEDIATELY following the events. You don't think history repeats itself? You don't think the media is being used to program you to support the anti-gun mentality?

    Huh...well...Guess i'm just a conspiracy theorist:rolleyes:
  14. I think I'm a tad bit more sceptical that the UN proposed a gun control treaty here recently which they want the US to be involved in.
    Gun control debate about to go international - CBS News

    Things are going to get bad in this country and the government is probably smart enough to know that. With the economy going to hell they might feel threatened that citizens may revolt.

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