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Here topic topic topic, here topic, where the f'ck are you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. Um, this may sound strange, but where the hell's my "Oldies Music" topic. It's gone and I can't find it.
  2. ack! I found it, damn wake and bake isn't ever a good thing.
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  3. I moved it to music hall!

  4. You've been moving alot of stuff around lately, Bud Head! Are your intentions to drive us closer to true insanity each day? Because it's working.

    Can't you hear the screams of all the moved threads? Does it haunt you at night? Do you feel any remorse? At all?
  5. No remorse just good moderating. Trying to keep all the threads in the proper place! I just need to find a way of putting all the people here in their proper place. LOL

    BPP and Smokie needs to be in the bullshit forum as well as Nubbins!!!LOL Those three together would fill up a state! LOL
  6. i think this post is ready to move to the box.
  7. oh wow, what a so glad i was left off the bullshitters list, i thought i was bad....*wipes sweat from brow* whew!
  8. lol..I wasjust gonna reply and ask bud head "what about normy poo?"...but it looks like he beat me to it....

    so now the question is....what "special present" did namron give bud head to keep him off the list?...or...maybe we dont wanna know
  9. thanks for thinkin of me hank...;)...and there was no pay off involved...cross my heart
  10. yeah right..I've got $5 that says you gave budhead one of those full body shivers youre always talking about... you sick son of a bitch
  11. umm..if by "full body shiver" you mean, absolutely nothing, then yeah, your right :D

  12. Yeah, I know-you aren't the only one!

    Of course, my bullshit is always understandable and highly plausable, therefore, it isn't actually perceived as bullshit because it lacks that certain stench that most other bullshit has.

  13. Yeah where is that Oldies music. I would love discussing that topic?

  14. Well, aren't we calling the other kettles black today.

    Like you don't need to be lumped in there with us too, MR. Holier-Than-Thou!!!!!!! I thought "Seasoned Tokers" was the bullshit forum?

    just teasing, don't get your panties all in a big wad!!!LOL
  15. bud head wears panties?!
  16. and theyre in a wad!?
  17. Lets get this back on topic you silly stoners!!!!!!

    Panties? Nah
  18. yeah the question why dont ya

    "alright guys..back on topic!"
  19. how bout if i said i wear panties...on my the bedroom..while eating.............

    ice cream..cuz its good..

    I HAVE AN OUNCE, I HAVE AN OUNCE, I HAVE AN OUNCE!!...anybody know how much roachweed an ounce will yeild..cuz roachweed fucks me up..tastes like shit but fucks me up nonetheless
  20. all I know is that one ounce of bud equals 800 meets in rooachweed...

    2.67 meets= 12 moots

    23 moots= 1000/2349 marts

    .2981 marts = 1 penny

    1 penny= 1/100 dollar

    23 dollars = 3 apples

    .199 apples = 1 ounce.

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