Here to prove the Co2 extraction method finally!

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  1. I have done 2 runs of it so far. I'm using the butane extraction method (with Co2 of course just taking a 2 foot tank full and flippin it upside down) but im stickin it right in the oven at 100F or warm setting if you have that kind for 20-30 minutes directly after. ill take some pics asap getting a new phone with 8mp cam yee! hash comes out porous and has a similar consistency to dried out playdo. Blonde as blonde gets. Super potent im so :smoking: but not very flavorful yet not harsh. Melts straight to liquid no sizzle crackle nothi€ng just melty goodness. DONT BELIEVE ME TILL I POST PICS!:rolleyes:
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  2. Eh?

    2ft tank? Like a 5lb refillable? siphon? non-siphon?
    contact time?
    porous? like lots of air space inside the final product?

    Return? 20g (for instance) of plant matter yields how much 'hash'?

    Try a solvent wash to see whats being left?
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  3. Do you know where i can find sfe co2
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    These guys make the real deal. Read this link and the discussion of the various solvents. CO2 doesn't sound that great to me. Read down to see the breakdown of solvents and extraction methods.

    Eden Labs LLC

    For a company that will make extremely expensive lab/industrial grade systems, they don't really give any advantages of using CO2 other than it won't explode. If handled properly, neither will any of the flammable solvents. I guess I'm just not sold, even on the real extractors. Sounds like you have a pressure bomb in your oven. I can't wait for pics.

    I'll stick with Propane, Butane, and Ether.

    Please be safe. If you find that your design is not safe, abandon it. Otherwise, have fun making Co2 oil.
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  5. I have the real deal a Dionex 703 I need SFE CO2
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    Also if you guys get a dip tube on your tank you wont have to turn it upside down and have a helium headspace that brings tank to 1500#s ITS CALLED SFE-CO2 (THIS IS WHAT I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) also heat rolled up STAINLESS TUBING connected to PROPER VESSEL (supercritical 5000-10000 #) in oven TRIPLE CHECK EVERYTHING BE EXTRA CAREFUL SELECTING FITTINGS
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  7. SFE CO2 is just regular CO2 subjected to specific temp and pressure. I looked at the extractor you are using and it looks like you hook up your gas with the steel braided line and the unit should heat and pressurize the gas, turning it into a supercritical fluid. It isn't something you purchase, the extractor you are using should make it supercritical.
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  8. I wish I found 1 place so far that will sell to me in nevada 750 including shipping. The co2 has to be supercritical going in so the pump can pump it. if not you will ruin it possible to put the helium in myself with another tank.
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  9. I dont understand that anybody can turn you down on purchasing this. Marijuana is legal for me and my patients. I wish i could sue the bastards
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  10. Weed isn't legal in Nevada for you or anyone else. Just tell them you plan on starting a business selling essential oils from legal plants. MJ is federally prohibited. Federal law trumps state law. Did you tell them you planned to make marijuana concentrates? Just as a side note, you should check to make sure concentrates are even legal under your state's laws. Montana has legalized medical marijuana, but concentrates are considered processed, manufactured drugs. If it is illegal under state law where you live, and you get in any trouble for selling it, they will treat the scene like a meth lab, and you'll catch the same charges of operating a clandestine, illegal drug lab.

    I just use a Tamisium extractor for my concentrates, but they won't sell to you if you mention weed either. When the federal ban is lifted, then you can tell them what you really want it for. Till then, you just grow herbs.
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  11. I have seen a few runs on a tamisium extractor and was unimpressed by the results as well as the fact that it required a transfer solvent (they used naptha). Is there a better way to run those machines?

  12. Well, the results depend on the quality of your starting product. I have produced some awesome concentrates, and some shit I threw away. The quality isn't dependent on the extractor.

    I agree the design of the bottom chamber should have had a gasket and clamps to lock on the bottom tray. Instead, they chose to weld it. While it is not ideal, you do not need a transfer solvent to get the vast majority of the product. I just use an old credit card to reach in and scrape it out. I can get about 90% of what is there. Then I get the small amount remaining out with everclear.
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  13. There has to be a poor man's method of C02 extraction! I know stoner science can figure it out. I also know C02 Oil is the ultimate! It vaped perfectly in the G-Pen. The nylon rope seems to wick up the oil and vape it under the heating coil. Now I need to figure out how to make my own C02 oil!
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  14. Are you still a member? I am interested in talking about the dionex 703. I am wondering if it works for sfe? I am looking to get one possibly. Thanks
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  15. So I have a ?? Did u heat up the tank in the oven or the product after the co2is pushed thru let me knw please
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  16. Would anyone know where I can obtain a manual for the Dionex 703 SFE? If you have it, I can pay for shipping. Please send me a message! I'm on the scout.

  17. Hey Carl,

    Do you have a operating manual for the SFE 703? I need a copy of it.
    Thanks John
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  18. My Isolate Extraction Systems Extractor produces high yields and high potency without a need for secondary extraction (ZERO WInterization) required - straight from the expansion cups to the vape pen cartridges! My old lab had nearly $75K in glass and my chemist took up a full-time position within my company prior to this new tech. Now I set the botanicals, run the pressure test cycle and leave for the night, coming back to a great shelf-ready product!

    By the time you factor in:
    1. Class 1 Div 1 Blast Room ($45K)
    2. Chemist Salary @ $80K annually
    3. Secondary Equipment @ $75K
    is $108K really that much for an extractor? B&W_ISO-CDM.5-1x-2f_Lab.jpg

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