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  1. I'm a very skeptical person, for safe measures, but also very open minded person.
    I didn't believe in UFO's about 2-3 months ago, and I thought that everybody who talked about seeing UFO's and being abducted by UFO's was a nut!
    About a month's worth of UFO studies online, I have become more open to this subject like some of you should and the government/CIA:devious:, or w.e.

    I'm still pretty skeptical about people being abducted by aliens, but there has been numerous video's of unexplainable orbs/ glowing moving shit in the air, and pictures from space. Also why is the government so uptight about ET life, why the fuck is everything classified? It's our world to!

    So... here are a few of the best I have found, that some are pretty recent.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Believe 2011 (Prepare for UFO Disclosure) **FULL HD**[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - U.F.O DISCLOSURE PROJECT -FULL VERSION[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - JERUSALEM UFO 2011 - The 3 TRUE sightings (HD)[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - UFO (Fleet Over Polar Light )[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - UFO DISCLOSURE 2010 MUST SEE!!![/ame]

    LoL I don't know how to put the video's in the thread.:eek:
    [ame=""] [/ame]
  2. Because when we stop spending money to kill eachother and spend it all on going to other planets and improving our space travel, they ones in power will no longer have power.
  3. But most of us are lost, and we know we can have more out of "life". We have to realize, even if it's horrid, it's the truth.

  4. We've either lost touch with our roots or that's just how its been, most likely brainwashing over a hundred years or so :p

    We gotta stop realizing we're a bunch of different groups competing for superiority and we're all just one group of human beings.
  5. I didn't really belive in ufos neither untill I starting doing reasearch on our country and our goverment that. Really doesent give a shit about anyone just $$$ but last I read and belive about ufos is that they were created by the united states goverment and nasa so when the big change comes in 2012 (New World Order) they can blaim everything that's going to happen on these ufos that have been seen almost everywhere now they blaim another species for the horrid shit that's going to go down just like they did for 9/11 that was blaimed on ppl that had nothing to do with it do the research it provin.....but back to my point they are going to scare us witth these flying object and get us to go somwhere we think is safe kinda like hitler did to the jews and a hollicaust will happen here in america.....idk that's what I belive at this point if fell free to help me this in a diffrint way if you like peace
  6. The government may try to conceal it because quite frankly, several people cant handle the truth. People get upset over the dumbest shit, imagine once they find out theres other beings out their much more sophisticated. If people cant discuss religion/political views/etc in a mature manner, I would assume shit would hit the wall if aliens were proved to be existent.

    Humans have been the superior race for thousands of years, to suddenly find out we are basically inferior to who knows how many other species and lifeforms in a place a thousand times larger than anyone could possibly comprehend. I imagine it would change several lives.
  7. Being "inferior" is the farthest from how the rest of the Universe views Earth.

    The superiority complex is a delusional one. Think about it, if the rest of the Universe operated as we do here on Earth there would be a monopolization of 1 gigantic controlling power, and/or a major galactic split of endless war, where life ultimately self-destructs.

    If you ever heard of the term Primary Directive, it's exactly what the Earth is under. Considering our illusory based duality consciousness does not match with the Oneness of the rest of the Universe there is no interaction allowed between the two thought types.

    Are human-beings capable of understanding simple truths such as everything being connected as One? Absolutely, in fact, it is our natural state of existence. And the Unity/Universal/Christ consciousness will be coming to a planet near you. :hello:
  8. ^ Yessssssss.
  9. Ok, so you think you have it figured out. That we can have multiple viewpoints on this one topic and never fully understand. Ok, I believe that it was called, acceptance, of who you are. That you have a Path that You want to fight. It goes to the same place? Is that what you were told? I wonder who would have told you that? Satan, perhaps? Ahh, it is a possibility isn't. Some will feel it this way, others will not, or even not yet.

    There is a lot of work to do. Some of you have been listening since the beginning and continue to do the work. Others do not do the work, but put only lines of confusion. These are to keep you away from Knowing.

    So, some of you have read my works and others are coming in at different places. There are those that document, those that talk about it and then those that do not quite understand. If you continue to read my works, knowledge will come to you. You will have an ‘ahh ha' moment, and then it will be time for You.
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Shamanic Approaches To The UFO: Terence McKenna (part 1/3)[/ame]

    Best explanation of the UFO phenomenon I've ever heard
  11. The footage of the "UFO in Jerusalem" is very interesting.

    If it were fake, how could so many have taken video of the same event?

    If it isn't fake - the WHAT IS IT??

  12. The Jerusalem video is fucken insane. Absolutely no explanation for what it could be

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