Here They Come...

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by wheresmyroller, Jun 17, 2013.

    Corporate opportunism aside (it was inevitable anyway), he's certainly got an impressive set of brass on him.
  2. it damn sure threw some smoke out,,about time our side is offending them with bullshit.
  3. Gosh, looks like the black market above ground to me. Let the "mules" handle the drugs and take all the risk for the financial backers.
    Who are his consultants advising him? The cartels?
    Love how they "fear" money laundering. You mean what's been going on for many years already? LOL!
  4. "It was inevitable that the legalization of cannabis would attract a certain number of insensate greedheads to the industry."
    This has gotten to be quite the drama - "Big Marijuana", a state with a license to gouge tokers with a monster tax, and Mark Kleiman, the paid consultant to the state, calling others greedheads.  I've seen so much of this crap that I've almost forgotten this is about weed.

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