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here it is.. the post all has waited for

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. 10,000 post and I'll be here for 10,000 more!!!!!!

    :: doing the over the top dance::

    While fu*king Stoned!!!
  2. [​IMG] [​IMG] l wonder how many you have really ???
  3. [​IMG]

    I'd say 12 or 13 thousand..

    I woonder how many you really have?? I know it was more than me!!!!!
  4. I woonder how many you really have?? I know it was more than me!!!!!

    no way my friend .You over took me ages ago.
  5. well ya did it man,...
    maybe you get a wish like your birthday,..:D
  6. try to match it with bowls smoked in a single session :p

    you should be pretty ripped after that
  7. *Doing the happy dance*

    Congrads to ya BH. I would think it might even be pushing 13,500. :D

    Lookin' forward to readin' the next 10K my friend.
  8. Damn Dude. Congrats. 10,000. Man thats a lot of rambling stonned posts. Make a wish.
  9. Dizaam. Congrats. I don't think I can ever post that much.
  10. Congrats, Budhead! You are a good man!
  11. Thanks for the replies blades & bladettes...

    I try and lead the good life!:D

  12. I think it might be the high life too BH! ;)
  13. im all about the good & high life here at the city :) thanks to some great words Bud Head, great words to sit back, toke & enjoy! keep on! :)
  14. da*n!

    I missed 10000!!!! how could I miss 10000 by 7 posts?!

    well, whatta you gonna do.

    good job buddy, 10000 more to come :D
  15. huzzah for budhead!

    I wonder if i'll ever make it to 2k...
  16. Congrats on the 10k mark
  17. Congrats, dickwad! I can't believe you couldn't hold out until I got here. :rolleyes:

    I'm crushed!

    No, seriously....congrats! I'll smoke some bowls for you and I owe you a dance, ok? ;)

    Love ya!
  18. hahaha way to go bud!

    was time well spent. youre good people.

  19. Don't dance just yet.. Maybe this summer you can dance for me in person...

    Yes Indy High Life is on the menu as well my friend..

    Being around this much gives me a chance to know alot of ya just like family..
    To my family here at the city.. Lots of love and stoned feelings for ya all...

    Have a great day all..
  20. Congrats Sir Bud Head! (IMMothership holds her Pipe up to you Sir!) [​IMG]

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