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Here it is straight foward..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 12, 2003.


DO ya'll want me to stay or leave...

  1. Leave the city for good and take critter with ya

    0 vote(s)
  2. Stay for a while

    0 vote(s)
  3. stay and see if things can get worked out

    0 vote(s)
  4. get the f**k out now

    0 vote(s)
  1. I made a big mistake last night and now will tell if I stay or I'm gone for good...

    All it will take is 5 post for me to leave and I'll be gone for good!!!!!!!!!

    I believe in equal rights to voice opinions.. I also believe in paying for our mistakes...

    Your vote does count on this poll!!!!!
  2. don't be going anywhere, if you had a fight with one of your friends in real life, would you never talk to them again?......if so then you were never really friends in the first don't do the same at the city because we are all stoner friends here..........STAY.......Peace out.........Sid
  3. thats just crazy talk. no ones goin nowhere.

    come on bh, you know youd be back tomorrow anyways... ;)
  4. dude what happened.. well whatever did happen, you still shouldnt leave, you always got something funny or clever or helpful to say. so stay!
  5. Thanks critter and Sid.....

    I would hope that me and friends could wiork things out... But I am still going to let the people of the city choose this destiny.....

    I hope every one will respect the decission of the city... I for one will!!!!!
  6. Bud know, I love you to death but this is worse than a man and a woman in a rocky marriage. Anytime anything goes wrong, someone has to scream divorce. Anytime anyone gets pissed off or their feelings hurt around here, they threaten to leave.

    Then they post a poll so others can make the decision for them knowing damn good and well that no one is going to vote for a member of our stoner family to leave.

    We're all adults and those of us who really aren't act more like adults then others. You know, all you guys that I send the sweet little PM's too? ;)

    There's too much drama.

    Just stay, dude.

    ...and from now on everybody, if you get pissed or go off on someone and then realize your mistake...just apologize, say you were having a bad day and move on to the next one. Damn, we all adore one another and those of who don't so much do the adoring thing at least has respect for everyone else...simply because we are stoners that have a connection with each other that most people miss out on.

    It's a new day, tomorrow will be a newer day and this is still the City and we are still the Blades that make it what it is.

    :D So smoke a bowl or two and know that you're loved...each and every fucking one of you, damn it!!!!! :)
  7. Thanks for posting your mind RMJL... That is one of the reasons that I haven't tried to make excuses for what happened....

    I will post that if it becomes necesary to do so... If I stay.. I will post the reasons for my actions...

    I am sorry and embarresed by my actions!!!!
  8. it wont let me vote. :(

    but if i could i'd be voting for the one that says "Hell no Bud Head aint gonna leave. One of the very most respected people of the city...? leave? fuuuuuck no. shit like that cant happen. Espcially to a dude like Bud Head. don't go nowhere, sit back down, roll a spliff, raise it in the air and say, "This one's for Mom, this on is for Mom." toke it up, and think about all the amazing friends you've made in teh city. Speaking from experience of the wantingtoleaveitis, you'll see you cant leave. YOU Bud Head perhaps most of everyone here. Only Superjoint himself is more core to the City. The city without Budhead, isnt the city at all. and i do really mean that."
    but it wasnt up there.
  9. Digit....... thank you my friend... I am sorry for being such an ass!!!!!!

    I will make this vote for you...
  10. I posted your vote as "stay for a while".... I hope that is OK.
  11. uhhh. ok dude. but your gonna have to explain to me why/how/huh?/where you were an ass.

    i never saw anything that constituded YOU being an ass.

    no... thats not ok. "a while" just doesnt cut it. ya need to be around for longer than that.
  12. You couldn't vote cause I closed the poll. No need for a poll.

    UGH! There is no need for a poll!
  13. I go on a drinking binge, and come back to see all this MESS?? huh. so do I have to refrain from binging or what???? well DO I????
    let us all hope not.
    anyway, Ive been trying to pick up this and that before I said anything. and you know what, I dont do drama.
    so fuck this.
    budhead, I dont want to see you go. I feel saddened that I have to type that.

  14. See, it's all about a lovefest!!!!!
  15. I missed the part where you did something you should be embarassed about. Anyways, you know I respect you and think you should stick around.
  16. Digit.......... I can't send you a PM...

    I tried twice and it says your PM's are full and that you would receive a notice of this...
  17. your not goin anywhere....

    your one of the biggest parts of theis forum and it just wouldn't ever be nearly the same with out cha....

    simpley enough... if you left, this place wouldn't be the same... how bout them apples, ehh? :)
  18. Most I would say has already been said, so i'll just put it simple, so that any stoner can understand.

    GrassCity+ BH = :)

    GrassCity - BH = :(

  19. hell ya to that, all of us people who just got here are like.... the children, people like you and people who know the city, from like the beginning are like parents, we need you for guidance!!! if you leave, were all alone, its your job to stay here and KICK ASS! well, thats just my opinion

  20. hell yeah.
    maybe he just needs to be told so every once in a while. we dont tell him enough. Bud head.... we luv ya, and not only that, we NEED ya.

    a wise man once wrote on his sig: "The Love of pot will keep us together!" ... now where did i get that from? hmm, matters not, the message is what's important.

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