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Here is whats for supper

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Start off with a couple of Porter house steaks marinates in John boy and Billy's grill sauce..

    Added some herbal seasoning and a little garlic cajun seasoning to boot...

    Next i fire up the grill and then fire up a doobie.. After the grill gets hot, I throw on the steaks and corn on the cob with potatoes to bake..

    When the steaks are ready I put them in the warmer and finish the potatoes and corn.. Then before I put them on the table, I peel some tomatoes and onion..

    Sit down for a harvest feeling a buzz from the doobie..

    After I finish eating I top it off with another doobie and some icecream!!!! Black walnut and black cherry mixed......

    Now I sit here nice and baked feeling just a little great about the whole evening after a hard days work...

    I have been satisfied for the night...

    Who else had a great night????????????
  2. well i had an awesome night, i smoked 2 joints and then i ate a meatball sub from quiznos(damn they are good)

    hope everyone eles had as good a night as me and bud head
  3. No one else had a good night eh?

    Well ya'll can drool while thinking of my delisious meal!

    Stoners paradise!!!!!!!

  4. I didn't see you had posted...

    I love the subs from subway... They have a good three meat itallian sub...

    I usually make them add lots of veggies to it as well!
  5. man i just ate 5 brownies, waitin for the affects to kick in. i can smoke for a while, so i have to sneeak stuff like this when my mom isnt lookin. my girlfriends on her way here now, i know its late, but her mom thinks she stays in our guest room. so i should n having a great night, once we're both blazin'
  6. I had a good night if that's the question.

    Hey Bud Head....are you coming to see Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson play next month???

  7. If it doesn't fall on vaction time.. We already have a full schedule with vacation...

    When is it?
  8. the 18th....on a Wednesday
  9. It would have to be during the week..

    I still may be able to swing it...

    Kinda of strange with it being Bob and Willie though... Usually Willie likes the more collective country singers!!! LOL
  10. mmm mm! subs.. .wish i had me sub... having an ok night i suppose :p... ..hope everybody has a better on ethan me...
  11. man my night was going ok, but my g/f didnt come over and im all lonely, and trippin off some brownies.
  12. Me and my friend had a good time.
    I cooked us some hash fajitas, which were very tasty. After that be chilled for a bit, had some beer.
    I came up with a new trippy drawing - in the artists corner.
    Then we had a few bowls of some very potent ganja, got ourselved quite fucked up.

    We got quite a shock later on in the night though. I was waiting with my mate at the bus stop, and we see some car on the otherside of the road thats driving slowly.

    Suddenly it does a U -turn and pulls up to us, and 2 men and a woman get out. At that moment i was thinking, shit , it looks like some people are about to rob us.

    Then I see that theyre carrying radio's, and realise, SHIT! its police (plain clothes officers), and police car pulls up. One of the men asks us what we had been doing tonight, but then the other one notices were not the people were looking for. They tell us they were looking for some bald kids who had broken into a car.
    Luckily we both have hair.

    They then get back into their car and drive off.

    It had to be one of the scariest moment, seeing as we were both very stoned (well until the shock), and my friend had at least an eigth with him.
  13. I made some Spagetti Aglio Olio for dinner :D tasted great
  14. It hasnt been a great night for me. Its just been a plain shitty ass day, so I came to the city to relax.
  15. Oh dear god I have some serious munchies now.

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