Here is our new science project hehe :)

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  1. What a clean hit. such a simple piece that i think was set up pretty well.i love it haha. 2 carbon filters. 2 ash catchers. and a double blown shower head. <3 must get some hash oil for this. can't wait for that hit. here is a milk vid for you guys too :)


  2. Why all the attachments? Try hitting it with only 1, carbon filter OR an ashcatcher. I bet you'd like it way more.
  3. i did. i like this way also. allows me to actually kill a bowl.

    like i said science project :) got all the glass tubes and all going
  4. Damn, lookin good! :smoke:

    I'd never use all those attachments, though. Really takes away from the flavor. Definitely a plus in terms of diffusion though!

    Science is fun :smoke:
  5. Wow lol this is one of the craziest bongs I've ever seen.. I bet it rips like a champ as well :smoke:
  6. Wow definitely a cool idea but when I have that much diffusion the last thing I'd want is hash oil.

  7. yeah i guess id wanna taste it. :) valid... i take that all back. i miss really tasty bud :(
  8. nice tats ;) I would not call that a "simple piece" though.. ahahaha
  9. Haha :) Its simple to me. Not too complex has flow.

    Thanks for letting me know they are cute ;)

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