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  1. Well guys, this is my first time posting in the growing section but I have been researching for what seems like forever without any intent of actual growing. Anyway, this summer I have a bag of 30 or so bagseed and I thought I want to try growing.

    It is going to take a lot of planning I assume, but right now I am thinking of planting it on some little known field in my small town (which to be honest scares me about being discovered none the less), find a nice location, bring some soil and rocks to keep it watered for longer periods of time. I read I only need to water it twice a week which would be extremely easily doable.

    Another important thing to point out is that I would definitely not be growing 30 seeds, most likely because i am positive they wont all germinate and I am paranoid, which i guess is not necessarily that bad but I think it would be best to start out small.

    I guess my reason for posting this thread is to talk my way through the plans, and get some advice from all of you out there. Thanks in advance guys, I am extremely excited for this summer. :yay:
  2. Yeah good luck with your grow this year.Have any problems just feel free to post.
  3. Well this may be a dumb question, but is their a formula or way to figure out an estimated crop amount? I guess I don't want to get crazy with this grow since it IS my first time ad dont need to worry about handling 10 plants, i really just want to see if i can do it and if i get an ounce out of it that would be an interesting, and rewarding :smoking:, experience
  4. No unfortunately there is no formula for figuring out what a plant will yeild.especially bagseed. but you should be able to yeild more than an ounce deping on your growing conditions (soil ph,light,water,things like that) anyways you should do good your first grow.keep us updated:)
  5. Good News Guys! I went and planted the seedlings today and I have the most amazing spot for them. I was just hiking back through the woods and I was gettin' pissed cause there was no places with strong sunshine. Finally I see it after crossing a huge tree bridge over skunk cabbage and through thorn bushes. So i dug a few small holes as this is only temporary (after they sprout) and poured in my soil. I buried six seeds. After all this hard work i sit back and drank a brew, and looking at my hard work. I look out and it was like a mirage, there was a pond maybe 30 feet from where I dug the seeds. So I assume that this water is safe to use and will be much more convenient (correct me if I am wrong).

    I feel like this is the ideal growing place :hello: ... except for that one :( problem that the clearing is relatively bare, so there would be no distractions, I am not sure how easily it would blend in. Any help would be appreciated on that matter.

    Anyhoo, cant wait to sit next to my full grown plants burning a J and watching the breeze blow through, that image has taken over my dreams recently ahah
  6. oo skunk cabbage, that will help block the strong ordor your plants will create.
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    Well, I had a couple failed germination attempts but anyway today I got my first sprout and I was so excited :D ....

    then later I found out there were these little crawly bugs in there that were eating the leaves so I panicked and dumped it. I dont know why, guess I dont like bugs, well, 8 more on the way.

    Oh yeah, and the reason why they had bugs was because I surrounded the cup with leaf pile at first

    EDIT** Found out the bugs are called rolly pollys (not the technical name of course :p)... any advice for getting rid of them in the future
  8. Neem Oil? Just dont freak out that you have bugs, most bugs/insects are harmless to your grow and some are beneficial. ah i'll shut up now. Good Luck!

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