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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Freerunna, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. well i had planted my very first seed about a week ago and planted it almost 2 inches deep...
    they sprouted in 5 days and they have grown 2 inches tall since that good or bad?

  2. I'd say it done some fighting to get through 2 inches of soil. 2 inches tall in 5 days sound ok.
  3. also i wanted me to kno how often should i water the plants?:confused::confused:
  4. Come on, read the stickes - this TOTALLY BASIC stuff has been answered a million times.
  5. It's very hard for someone to say how often a plants should be watered, it really depends on the drainage and how fast the soil dries out. Dont be afraid to let the soil dry out a bit, the roots need nutrient/water but most of all they need oxygen to breath (a bit like a carburetor for a petrol engine). If conditions are right and the roots gets the right mixture of both nutrients/water and oxygen the plant will flourish. You just have to learn to get the feel of when the plants needs watering. The plant will give you signs, like leaves begining to droop when it's in need of watering/fed (when the soil is dry).
    Reading the stickies does save members explaining things over and over.
  6. Chances are those plants might not last, 2 inches was way too much. You are supposed to put them less than 1/2" below the surface. You have not been reading the stickies, which is something you need to be doing.
  7. will someone show me where the stickys are plz

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