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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonie jo, Jul 3, 2002.

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  1. Right now I\'m smokin major bong loads and trying to celebrate life or bud Jodonna died this morning she couldn\'t fight the cancer anymore. To remember her she was a beatiful woman in body and soul. Her smile I will always remember, hers was contagious. I feel like she went through way too much pain in her life, even before the cancer. That\'s what makes you, though, right? Anyway, this very next binger is for you Jody gurl................I will miss you and I\'m sorry I got so busy and couldn\'t come around much lately. I love you girl.....................everytime I\'m outside and feel the warm sun and smell the summer breeze, I will remember you...........................

    I\'m sorry guys I had to do this somewhere. Now I\'m gonna hit this bong about 50 more times and go love on my boys......
  2. Hey sorry to hear about your loss.

    Just remember

    \"If you can make it through the night theres the bright of day\"

    Those are words I like to remember by the late Tupac Shakur.
  3. StonieJo I\'m sorry to hear about your friend.
    My heart goes out to ya sweetie. If ya need anything just hollar!!!!!!!
  4. Sorry about your loss stonie jo. Hoping you are doing ok.
  5. I know what its like to lose someone close to cancer stonie...Im truly sorry...
  6. stoniejo here\'s bonghits to you and your family\'s health.. i am sorry about your loss, if you ever feel lost or anything... we\'re all here for ya, and i know it\'s a hard thing to do, let go of a friend, especially someone who was so good to this world.

    hope you\'re feeling well, and are doin\' ok. drop me a line if you ever need ANYTHING coz i love you!!! and only wish we lived closer so i could give you the big phat hugs you deserve!
    stay strong, and if all else fails, keep packin\' that bowl. your girl\'s smilin down on ya from a better place, where cancer doesn\'t exist.
  7. I know I can always come here and you guys will make me feel better. Sorry I\'m always layin\' such serious shit on ya....I really do have a lighter side.
    I met Jo about 8 or 9 years ago, I was ridin\' to work with her cuz who I\'ve known, well, for probly 15 years. Those two were TOTAL opposites, same age, basically grew up like sisters but were like nite and day. We all partied together quite a few times over the years, went campin and fishin together a few times. She was just such a sweety and just had a helluva time these past few years. We all kinda, you know, drifted apart, we\'d see each other around town occasionally, once in a while I\'d stop and smoke her out. Then I didn\'t see her for quite a while. Probly 5 or 6 months. Next thing I know, Jude (her cuz) stopped over and told me Jo has cancer, they operated on it but they still only give her 6 months. I \'bout shit!!! She was just (FINALLY) gettin back around from a terrible accident she was in where she worked; that one left her disabled for life. This was on top of tryin to live a typically dysfunctional life, like the rest of us. I know... now she\'s not in any pain, mental or physical and I\'m satisfied with that. I think the things that hurt me the most about all this is watching her family goin through this and believe it or not I saw some fucked up shit happen. Some feelings were hurt unnecessarily. I guess some people NEVER change NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!! Anyway, I kinda feel guilty for being more relieved that she\'s gone, than sad.....I feel sad for her girls and her sis and Jude of course. Her husband will be fine, I\'m sure of it.
    Puts things in check here for me-I wrote out a basic little will today. I ain\'t got a damn thing but the boys and I made my request for them to be with thier dad\'s-providing they have thier shit together. I stated that my debts that are left could also be split up between the x\'s accordingly. I asked to be cremated and for them not to feel like there had to be a big ceremony type deal. I hardly EVER get dressed up for anything so I don\'t feel like my people should feel like they can\'t gather and be comfortable. I haven\'t figured out yet what I want done with my ashes..........I came up with some really \'onry shit that had me gigglin\' to myself but it\'s still up in the air. With my past experiences with losing friends there was always a kind of party, I guess, after it was all done and I would be highly disappointed if I thought my friends didn\'t get together and rehash all our crazy times. I just want to be able to leave everyone with a smile and maybe bring around a smile once in a while. I would like to think I left just a mark in someones life-even just a smudge!!!! Oh yea I thought of another little request I was gonna add to it-if the family feels they have to have a visitation, I would like to go \"commando\" if ya know what I mean!!! LMAO!!!
    Love you guys!!! Sorry I\'m so long winded.
  8. So sorry about your friend, Stonie. Sounds like you\'ve got some great memories of her, and it\'s good she\'s out of pain now. Take care of yourself, girl!! Love ya,
  9. I so sorry about your friend, Stonie Jo. Death can be very hard to handle but when it frees someone from their pain, it makes it a little easier to get through because you know their suffering has ended. I\'ve seen more deaths than births in my lifetime but it\'s never easy to come to terms with.

    On the lighter side of things:

    Cute, Stonie Jo---commando in the casket!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a valid request!!!
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