Here are some pics of my lovely herb

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by APalmer, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Here Is the link to see my pics. Please tell me how you think they are ding they are 5 weeks old and they are beginning to develop a wonderful aroma.
    I still need some input on how to sex my plants. If someone would please give me a few thought on what I should be looking for to tell if its a female or a male I would really appreciate it very much.
    I am also beginning to see some insects that are eating holes in my leaves what can I use to detour them from chewing on them? Just a couple of holes no leaves have been devoured.
    Well I hope to have more input from this thread than the last.
    Allie the Toker:smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:

    Password to see the pics is : saddie
  2. sry i will not join ur msn groups , cant u upload the pics here ... you won't get alot of input believe me

  3. Post your pics here if you want feedback.
    I put some pics of what to look for on a thread about sexing started by DevilDank. Bring that up if you are interested.

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