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  1. alright guys ,

    Here’s the update nobody actually cares to read lol. So a week and some change has past and my ex is still fucking her ex but I’m not salty anymore ! I realized everybody has their own journey and maybe its hers to revisit someone who has cheated on her ‍♂️. I’m not gonna lie and say I’m completely over it , because then id just be lying. I still miss her somewhat but that’s okay. The other day she told a buncha her friends that I have been liking tweets about cheaters and that she didn’t cheat on me. The only reason I bring it up is because me and her don’t follow each other anymore and she’s obviously curious as to what I’m up too. All in all I’m focused on myself and if she comes back to me cool ! But if she doesn’t at least I’m focused on myself and my career :) and I’ll be ready for the next girl. Thanks for your help guys

    Ps : was the punctuation any better ? XD
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  2. Lol hope you get to fuck her while she is with him hoes are gonna be hoes.
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  3. Tf, if she comes back to you?

    Lol gross, ditch that hoe man
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  4. Agreed! If u take hef back bro ur letting hef win,and u look stupid,get a real WOMAN!! Not a brat slut. Not bein a dick i just vall it like i see it man

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  5. Punctuation makes it much easier to read, unlike a three paragraph run on sentence from the mind of an emotionally upset individual.
    Oh, and if you get the chance to fuck her again go for it.

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  6. Why would you want her back?

    What kind of self-harming bullshit is that?
  7. Shes not a hoe . Shes one of the dopest girls I know genuinely. She never cheated on me , she’s single she can fuck who she wants . I mean she went back to an ex rather then fucking somebody new so ‍♂️
  8. Punctuation was on point haha. But good shit. I don't suggest fucking her again. you don't wanna go down that road again. You gotta let her go completely
  9. Try finding other chicks also
  10. Thanks lol , a lot of ppl were pretty pissed over punctuation in my last post, rightfully so. So idk I feel like me and her mesh super well together especially our personality and careers. I didn’t mention this has been a long distance relationship, so we broke up cause obviously things get boring , especially when yall see each other for a couple of days every 5-6 months. So I can see why we broke up.I can also see why she would go back to her ex because nothing beats nostalgia and history u feel me ? All in all if we get back together cool if we dont ? Imma still be Ight. Thanks for the advice man !
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  11. Do you think she...lets him have the ass though?
    ...I got nothing useful to say, but I wanted to join the discussion. Hello.
  12. You should've just said nothing sure OP doesnt necessarily want to think about the ex fucking her ex lol
  13. Way to justify her hoe tendencies
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  14. LOL yknow you're probably right.
    I dunno. My brains done tonight.
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  15. Shes gonna do what she is gonna do, but dont let her damage your reputation; talk to her friends and defend yourself, don't try to convince them, that never ends well, but always defend yourself... Word travels far, never further than the age of social media.

    Also, Twitter is tacky.
  16. You only saw each other for a couple of days every 5-6 months?
    End it well then with no hard feelings and perhaps one of these days you’ll be the beneficiary of her “nostalgic” fucking.

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