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  1. i was thinking about humans and herd behavior like how people are always gonna be part of some group. i dont think you can ever be alone. for instance drug addicts befriend other drug addicts, politicans hang with each other, hipsters try to be different but just end up being like every other hipster, gangs, police, theres all these communities.even the people who are mentally insane arent alone becuase there are millions of other insane people.

    then you have the "great" people.the leaders. albert einstein, martin luther king, people like this who become great by being there own person and making a statement.

    so what do you think it takes to truly stand out?
  2. Everyone has a existensial duty to themselves to be a nonconformist.
  3. Ambition and will. Everyone is capable, but most supressed.

    Albert Einstein was not a leader lol, guy couldn't even fart on his own. He was good with numbers, haha.

  4. but arent the non conformists conforming by being non conformist? i mean im guessing you smoke weed which makes you a conformist with all the other potheads :confused:
  5. I hear that argument all the time and its totally wrong. Its a very weak argument. Nonconforming in this context is not conforming to any external nonconformism. Its unique. Two people could nonconform and they would not be conforming to the same thing
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    so lets say you want to be SO nonconformist that you decide to wear no clothing.

    well guess what

    you are now conformed as a nudist

    i guess what im getting at is, that no matter what you do, youre always gonna be thrown in a group with others who are similar. at the end of the day, who we really are is a perception of the majority.

    "if one man calls you a horse, disregard it. if two men call you a horse, buy a saddle"
  7. Lol can't we just be all meat bodies instead?
  8. Just live your life. If you're too worried about being non conformist it just means you care what people think of you. Act how you want, dress how you want, but if you're doing something for the sole purpose of being different it just defeats the purpose, because you're trying to change your outside image in order to affect other people's opinion of you. And that's the most conformist thing of all
  9. '

    Your saying the same thing over, reread my post. Your actually not conformed as a nudist, in a personal, and the only relevent, reality, you've conformed to nudity for your own reasons, exclusive from others.
  10. your wrong neener neener neener

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