Herd against corona

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Killerbee4323, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Nahh, let's shoot the 50+ cause they already half in the grave.
  2. Watch logans run
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  3. The shelves are empty of all tin foil! There's been a run ...
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  4. Let's not kill anyone, the same thing can be accomplished by neutering 90% of the girls when they reach 13. It should only take a generation and no one dies because of this ridiculous idea.
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  5. I hadn't thought of that movie in years. It was very good, especially for it's time.
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  6. Nothing a world war cant accomplish.
  7. Good thing its aluminum foil, not tin
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  8. The 25 - 50 year olds are the ones who make the world function mate. The ones doing all the hard work to keep things ticking over. It's just reality man.
    It sucks being old, I get it but it's just the way it is.
    My location for home and work puts me slap bang in the middle of our situation.
    It's pretty much garunteed that I'll get it, my Mrs will, my child will.
    My auld man isn't very well so there's a good chance he's gonna die from it.
    You think he's bothered about it though.
    You gotta look at the bigger picture mate.
    This isn't about you, it's not about me it's about survival of the species.
    Limiting the number of total fatalities.
    And unfortunately the way to bring down the total death toll is to infect everyone as quickly as possible so that the easily infected are no longer their to infect everyone.

    This isn't like dealing with wild fire mate.
    You can't just make a fire break and let the separate segments burn out.
    Mainly because it would take that long that healthy people will starve to death.

    That's what people are wrongly trying to do just now though. Segregate themselves to stop the spread. But as I mentioned, we can't stay separated for long enough to deal with it.
    We'll need to fill in the fire breaks while the embers are still hot and it's all gonna catch fire again.
    Causing even more catastrophic destruction to our way of life.

    There is no stopping this fire. There's no way to stop every ember smouldering at the same time so we just gotta let it run it's course. It'll pick up pace rapidly due to the exponential growth factor.
    Boom! hits the peak in a fraction of the time it otherwise would be then starts dying out a lot sooner.

    But no, the world's full of people that can't handle that reality so we're gonna be shitebags about it and go hide...
    then let it all blow up again..
    so go hide again..
    then run out of bog roll so come back out and shock horror it all starts multiplying again and by this point the world's completely fucked, every business has shut down and it all goes Mad Max.

    Or we can just put on our big boy panties and say fuck it. Bring it on.
    Get it over with quickly and go back to work while there's still a business to work for.
    Even massive, multi billion dollar enterprise can only last a short time without trade. There's already numerous airlines collapsing. If they don't have the cash to take a few weeks off how the hell do you think the rest of the world will cope when it drags on for months???
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  9. What was that film where earth gets pissed off with us destroying it so mother nature releases a virus that makes us all kill ourselves ?
    Everyone's throwin themselves out Windows for no reason or walking out in front of cars n shit like that.
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  10. looks like its time to ride the lightning folks yeeehaaaw!
    just been told my mates daughter has tested positive and she was in my house yesterday. Fuckin bring it on!

    Told my gaffer and he held a vote. It was unanimous. 16-0 said I keep my mouth shut and carry on.
    All said they'd rather catch it than close the job as a precaution.
    If I quarantine myself the site will ask questions why I'm not there and if they get wind of it will shut the site down aswell as potentially 5 others. Few hundred guys be out of work on SSP which per week is less than we earn in a day.
    So it may seem like I'm being selfish and potentially spreading it but this is a democracy and the people have spoken.
    I never got a vote so my opinion is irrelevant.
    Gotta love the Scots mentality :)
  11. Thats the spirit.
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  12. Too right mate. Sites closing down all over the city already so well shut eventually. No point having to do it twice though so just keep on rockin till our numbers up :)
    My kids school just got shut untill after the summer holidays too. That's like 4-5 months!
    Why? It doesn't kill kids so just let them get it. Bunch of fuckin snowflakes
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  13. This parasite needs people!

    No politicians is ever gonna say that

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