herbs helps my herps

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by astro_righteous, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. so like 2 weeks ago now i got a this cold sore.

    first one ever in my life. it came about cuz i was really dehydrated from going to a rave and then i go home and slept and then it made my lips super chapped. then i crack my lip right in the corner. then since im such an idiot i kept picking at it.

    so after the first week i am trying things from the pharmacy. oragel, nex-care shit, abreva.

    the abreva did ok. only used a dab that my friend gave me. and that brought it down pretty good for the day. but then on 420 im smoking copious amounts of herbals and then the next day it was practically gone.

    so i didnt smoke the next day and it came back a little and then i smoked yesterday. and now its back down like really good. so im gonna continue to smoke today and see how that works out. if i dont use anything else and i just smoke a lot and it still goes down. im going to be willing to say that weed cures cold sores.

    that or all the cheeseburger doritos ive been eating.
  2. Dude, you have herpes.
  3. quik bro ....sell your car and buy weed with the money.....make sure it stays away lol

  4. Herpes is for life, bro. It's from that time man, I told you, you wanted to eat that lollipop out of the stripers cooch.

    Nah jk this is no laughing matter but I just couldn't refrain from posting that once I seen 2nd posters profile pic. I don't have any experiance with cold sores so I wouldn't be of any help to you. There are lip balms that help you. It's in a little metal container; I forget the name.
  5. And what did you do? You ate a pack of nerds out of her BUTTHOLEEEEE
  6. no i was at that rave and you know how it is. once you start dancing with a bitch and rubbing up on her with your vibrating cock ring then she just melts and she started kissin on me and whatnot. im sure she gave it to me.

    but i know itll go away if i treat it fast enough. the mouth kind can go away its the cooter kind that dont.
  7. I thought you wore a mask.

    Fuck raves, dirty ass bitches.
  8. i do but when a chick wants to get busy and she is putting her hands all over me then i take it off.

    in this case i had it on cuz it was kinda wool outside but this chick lifted it up and she was like ooohh your cute. and im like you know it, omnomnomnom. and then that was my undoing. but its a small price to pay. now i know to keep away from her in particular.
  9. yeah bro and tell all the guys around her when you see her skank ass. fucking sluts like that have no shame. give them a taste of their own medicine.

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