Herbies seeds ripped me.

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  1. Ordered seeds and paid extra for tracking and stealth delivery. Received email saying they won't be sending with tracking even though it was offered and I paid for it. Seeds never arrived. Emailed asking about it and got a re send but still would not place tracking on it for me. Re send never arrived. Herbies hasn't replied and emailed them 48hrs ago. No letter from customs so they haven't been seized. Don't recommend this seed back anymore as with my issues and a few others I know of herbies has lost there standards etc. Back to msnl for me. Or try seedbanks finally others here recommended awhile ago.
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  2. Sucks dude. I ordered from Herbies earlier this year when I got my taxes back. I got stealth but no tracking. Two months later I emailed them. Why did you wait so long to contact us? I thought I would give it a little time to see if it arrived. They could not resend because I didn't track. I will never order from Herbies. Had a friend that did with no problem. It took a while though.
  3. It's wrong to offer tracking and get customer to pay but not apply it. If any other businesses did this they'd be taken court or ombudsman etc. But seedbanks can get away with lying/false advertising/ ripping customers etc
  4. yeah I also had a sketchy experience with herbies, and I didn't even make a purchase. I added my seeds to the cart, and after filling in the mailing address, the form for the billing information required the last 4 digits of a social security number. BUUUUULLLLSHIIIIIT. a social security number is never necessary for credit card purchases, it was a very obvious phishing attempt.
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  5. Most seed banks I've ordered from I've had to put in security number for CC payment etc. But not sure if all do this. Been contacted by herbies and they had holiday which is why no reply and now waiting resolution. Customer communication seems great with them it's a shame about tracking and delivery.
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  6. Rip of merchants !!!
  7. Just about to place an order with them and saw this looking around thanks for the feedback on them.
  8. Never tried Herbies, but Original Sensible is where its at I get seeds quicker from them that I do local seedbanks and the shipping, even without stealth, is always discrete. Almost all the genetics I run are from Original Sensible.

    Original Sensible Seeds | Buy Cannabis Seeds
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  9. the vault has been good to me
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  10. The vault is one I'm definitely looking at. Or maryjanesgarden if anyone has had experience with them? Msnl is great from past experience but not as much variety as some others so not sure now if I'll use them or try vault or maryjanesgarden
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  11. i did lots of research before i ordered from the vault cause i got burnt by shaman seeds or something like thatthe vaults selection is pretty damn good and they guarantee delivery its costs about 20 bucks but thats nothing in the grand scheme of things, its worth it to me to know i will get my seeds if they get jacked by customs, lost in mail etc.
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  12. Herbie's website asked for a US Social Security number in addition to a credit card security code, right next to each other on the form, to trick someone into absent-mindedly giving out personal information. A social security number is part of our government ID in the us. Someone could potentially take out a loan in my name with just my name and social security number.
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  13. Here's a screengrab of the fradulent forms: visa3dverification - arcot - savvis.JPG
    As you can see its even falsified to appear related to a bank to lend credibility, and it opened in a non-secure java app loaded within the page.
  14. Ahhhhhh. I thought you meant the 3 numbers on CC. I'm on same wavelength as you now haha. I don't know much about US and SSN but if that's the case I'd guard my ssn with my life. Although it only asks for last 4 digits on screenshot you shared. Is that still enough for someone to credit against your name? I'd think they'd need whole number
  15. If I had given them that in addition to the initial billing/mailing address information on the first page, its likely that could be enough information to start an account in my name. The thing is, this appeared legitimate in that I have a program that monitors the ip addresses of websites I visit and blocks known malware, spam, ads, etc., and this program showed that it was originated from a company called Arcot (which is an actual private company that provides online services for banks and credit card providers, a legitimate company albeit with a poor reputation for quality) and was then routed by savvis, which is a company directly associated with century link internet service provider which maintains most of the infrastructure in my area. I looked this form up, apparently this was a service created by arcot in like 2007, but consumers hated it... So this is potentially something legitimately associated with the card payment, but I've never seen it before, don't know why that would still be in use, and it's definitely not information that should be given out online, especially not in an unencrypted java script. Even if this was genuine, it could still be easily intercepted. Anyway, sorry for the marathon post. this was all just so convoluted and weird I decided not to use herbies.
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  16. pretty sure they ask for the last 4 so someone cant steal your card and use it without knowing your info
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  17. still seems kinda shady though not being on a secured webpage atleast
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  18. M
    Marathon reply is better then a reply where I'd end up asking a million more questions. Thanks for explaining
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  19. Just placed my order at The Vault so hopefully all goes well.
  20. I recently got seeds from cropking and hey delivered in 4 days and gave me an extra one... AWESOME packaging. Germinating this week hope all goes well

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