Herbies seeds got Intercepted

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  1. I got a note inside instead of my seeds. Note was from BigBrother saying they can take action for the illegal activities.. Do they do this to scare people away, or do they always follow through.??
  2. That sucks
    I'm curious what the note looked like....can you take a picture?
  3. Lots of people get that letter & I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble.
    I get how it makes everyone nervous though.
  4. Don't worry. If it had been 1000 seeds they would probably follow through with an investigation, but anyone stupid enough to do all that in one order deserves to be caught :p
  5. It was a box with green tape repackaged on with a letter by Customs.

    I went ahead and tried the order again with herbies, this time SUPER STEALTH. Hopefully Ill get back here saying I received um.

    True CanadianOrganic.. I had maybe 45 seeds comming.
  6. Should always go super stealth at any bank
  7. I was always too worried super stealth would not give me any info on what seed is what, until I read the info on super stealth. Your right tho, the best option would be SS. I am 2for3 just wuth Stealth
  8. Consider it just like a love letter......., meaningless and full of bull shit
  9. Hahaha!!! Cracked me up homie! No doubt on that one.

    Funny how I came across an old letter this morning an ex wrote to me back a few years ago.. A "Love" letter. And everything on that letter is bulllshytee haha.
  10. chicago strikes again?
  11. They killed my seeds! Those Bastards!
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    i'm 1/1 with herbies with reg stealth shipping. really wanted the breeders packs. (grandfather doesn't believe little plastic baggies are legit, once we got em in perforated plastic with NO labels at all, just a bunch of seeds.) the customs declaration was hilarious, came in a dvd case. everything intact and great germ rate with the seeds so far.
  13. why would you tell the world how they ship in dvd cases ,, wouldnt you think that the goverment has people that read this stuff for people like you telling them what to look for..
  14. because they've already found some as reported in this post. might not have been exactly the same but im sure theyve seen it all.
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  16. I think it is a postal worker stealing the seeds, The government would go after herbies seeds and block them from coming into the country. You got ripped off!
  17. Are you serious? Herbies has been in business for over 10 years and in that time they must have had 1000+ customers that have had shit intercepted and they're still going strong. If it was a postal worker why would they bother opening it and sealing it up with customs tape when they could just take teh whole thing.
    It is a well know fact of life if you buy seeds online sometime customs intercept them.
  18. I am full of shit. I do not know what I am talking about on this subject matter. My apologies to you good sir.

  19. I know this is an old thread but look at that profile pic!

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