Herbies Pick N Mix Seeds?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stickyfingers420, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. So, I recently placed an order with them and ordered a seed that I didn't want (Barney's Tangerine Dream -.-). Instead of emailing Herbie's and asking them to remove it from my order, I found a different seed that actually costs more (GH Super Lemon Haze) to replace it. I asked them kindly, long BEFORE they shipped it, to fix my order. They shipped my order then emailed me back conveniently AFTER they could no longer change it. They stated that they could not change my order, but would give me it free with my next order and that they wouldn't send it to me without a new purchase. So basically, they want me to buy more seeds I don't want and pay for some outrageous ass shipping just to get one fucking seed that I could've had with proper customer service. I already had to pay for one seed I didn't want and they could've gotten more money by switching it. Anyway, I'm on one here to ask if anyone knows any free shipping codes for Herbie's? Sorry I know I just bitched a lot, but it really pissed me off being that SLH is one of my favorites smokes. It was partly my mistake, but shit, they're running a business, not me. Fuck this, I'm switching to Nirvana.
  2. So you ordered a seed, went back sometime later and decided you wanted a different seed.

    Now your mad at them because of your mistake, and want the email receptionist to do an order fillers job?
  3. I contacted them directly after my order. I know that it was my mistake at first, but i'm pissed off with how they handled it. They basically told me that if I didn't give them more of my money, they were not going to help me. Obviously the receptionist could've fixed it if they and the order filler could come up with such a "deal" for me. If they don't want to help customers, they shouldn't run a business.
    Is that what that said?
    Well, I mean...Make sure you order the right thing, dog; you know?  Someone comes at me and says, "Yo, got that gram?" and then gets all pissy because they meant two and I'm gonna laugh, hysterically, right in their face. :cool:
  5. why did you order the wrong seed to begin with?
    You fucked up and sound like a pain in the ass to deal with.
  6. Then why go with seed #1, if you knew immediately you wanted seed #2?
  7. OP was obviously stoned when he placed his order. Now expects sympathy for ordering the wrong product. /thread

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  8. so you fucked up and now your mad at them? Lol people like you are so annoying to deal with..

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