Herbies New Seeds Added and Updates Feb 2016

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  1. Herbies New Seeds and Updates

    We have added some new strains in the last few days, you can see them all here http://www.herbiesheadshop.com/new-seeds

    They include additions from

    710 Genetics
    Lemon Aid
    Lemon and Lime
    Lemon Candy
    Lemon Pineapple
    Majestic Lemon

    CBD Crew
    Some great new medical strains:
    CBD 3D
    CBD Divine
    CBD OG Kush
    CBD Therapy
    CBD PH

    CBD Jam
    Deconocida Kush
    Deep Mandarine
    Jagg Kush
    Original Juan Herer

    Emerald Triangle
    Blueberry Headhband
    Royal Purple Kush

    Kera Seeds
    Dutch Power
    Greengo Bio Haze
    Jack Herer
    Medical Buddha
    Medical OG Kush
    Royal Queen Diamond
    Super Silver Haze
    Top 44 Fems
    White Widow Auto

    We have also reduced the price of 95% of the feminised seeds from World of Seeds, this means that most packs of fems have been reduced by £4-£8 per pack of 12. You can see the feminised collection at http://www.herbiesheadshop.com/world-of-feminised-...

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