Herbies March Competition - Win FREE Seeds

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  1. Birchplease
    You are our winner.  You win a voucher equivalent to a pack of 10 Mandala Seeds.  Please email advertising@herbies-seeds.com to claim your prize!
  2. God Almighty you are our second runner up. We would like to give you a voucher equivalent to 3 of your chosen Buddha Magnum Autos. Please contact advertising@herbies-seeds.com to claim your prize!
  3. A big thank you to everyone who entered.. Congrats to the winners, BirchPlease, Stiggymata and God Almighty. [​IMG]
  4. Well done all!

  5. Congrats to the winners and thanks to HERBIES for a fun contest.
  6. Congrats winners
  7. Congrats guys stiggy i thought you were gonna get something lol
  8. As always
    Big Thanks and and shout out to Herbies Seeds...........
    This was a lot of FUN, I had a blast and quite a few others did as well
    Thanks again Herbies Seeds
  9. Stiggymata owned this competition lol Im glad he won for all his hard work! I couldnt think of that many captions if I wanted to lol.

    Congratulations everyone!
  10. Much Thanks JDO
    But there were many other good ones too
    I love the competition what can I say 
  11. Stiggy congrats man!  You deserve to finally win something. :D  What ya gonna pick?
  12. I went with The DR.
    Dr Krippling  Never tried it before any good?
    Thanks Herbman
  13. I've heard great things
  14. I ran the Delhi friend and I Def would again. Big yielding frost machine with a unique smell
  15. ahh damn, congrats to the wieners
  16. Congrats to the winners, you clever SOBs [​IMG]
  17. Congratulations everyone this was a fun comp even just reading it everyday
  18. I don't like the winning quote tbh don't feel it matches the image but glad to see you guys chose runner ups

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