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Herbies Head Shop?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by CommieNerd, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Anyone order from Herbie's? Good seeds? Good value? Stealth? Any experience is helpful.
  2. I haven't personally ordered from them but I've read about three good reviews. Here's a link to a previous post where two people commented about their experience with Herbie's. Clicky

    Hope it helps.

    Edit: Those were long ago though. :x
  3. So far, they have some the best prices I have seen!
  4. There very good! and very fast!!

  5. So you have used them before? Mind sharing your experience? Ive never ordered any seeds before.
  6. Ive used 3 seedbanks, marijuana seeds nl, attitude seedbank, and herbies... I used to think herbies was sricltly autoflower seeds... I usede them for two different purchases, nirvana auto-bubblelicious and aother order of lowlife ak47... both times, I thought they may have been located in the same state I live in it was o fast! fastest shipping of all 3...
  7. I have had a good experience from these 3, the attiude is good beacuse of their prmotions and freebies, but there shipping cost a lttle more for stealth...
  8. Of course, there onl for souvenier purposes;)....
  9. Herbies Head Shop Rocks, Order was fast and no problems.
  10. Amazing seed company, very reliable and professional with an awesome selection. If you're in the west of the US just allow at least 3 weeks for delivery, but other than awesome in every way.
  11. I have also ordered from these guys, arrived 9 days to West coast, not the cheapest but OK. Will not respond to any kind of email that is even slightly to do with actual plants so not that helpful on some fronts.
  12. I purchased some Sagamare bubble berry seeds from Herbies head shop in march and wasted $800 growing it out (on electricity and nutrients and CO2) and is the crappiest stuff I've ever had in my life. Not to mention the $135 I paid for these crappy seeds. When I received them the packaging looked all pick at as if somebody opened it and switch the seeds out. whoever was shipping them to me. Do not buy seeds from herbies head shop unless you want to waste money on the seeds not to mention the time and electricity and efforts and heartache you put into it growing. People who do stuff like this I don't understand how they sleep at night.
    Justin T from Norco
  13. I placed an order with em and got it in 11 days. Tha stealth postage was good and not something i would have thought of using that's for sure. All the different bags were branded well with labels of there content. I was happy with the service on my first order and have since placed another which hopefully will be here sometime late next week.
  14. I love herbies. Admittedly my experience with different seed banks is very limited (ordered twice from herbies and yesterday from attitudes)

    The amount of time between clicking checkout and delivery for my order last week from herbies was 6 days!

    As others have stated, they have low cost guaranteed shipping while attitudes cost twice as much for guaranteed. However, attitudes seeds are cheaper it seems so if you have a big order it should even out. Herbies has very friendly staff that answers emails fairly quickly

    I'm just blown away at how fast herbies is
  15. Just placed an order with Herbies last week. I ordered from them after reading a lot of positive reviews on several forums. It is in Chicago now, or at least the tracking says that it has departed there in route to the destination. Will let you know how it turns out.

    Quondo Omni Flunkus Moritati
  16. Im writing this hoping it may shed some light on my experience and maybe help others. I had an order from herbies bound for South East coast set in ISC for over 10 days, wich happens sometimes because USPS sucks, but then, inexplicably the order was sent to a sorting facility in LA! Thats where customs opened the package according to the letter, they even listed that location as the port of entry to the US wich is a load of crap aswel, they even spelled cannabis sativa as "cannibus satuva" LMAO. Long story short herbies has resent and its on its way And past customs at this point. The customer service person says they think someone in.NYC knew what it was had the order diverted to LA for their partner to steal in a legal MJ state. Has this happened to anyone els? What reason would they have to send a letter bound for the south east all the way to the other side of the country? Other than this one incident herbies has been awesome with all previous orders and they were quick to reply and resend the order, u rock herbie!
  17. I can't say if someone from herbies swapped out the bubble berry seeds or not but I can say I ordered the Sagarmatha bubble berry through the attitude and they were also a waste of time. After spending over 400 dollars on Sagarmatha I decided to write Tony @highestseed. He replied immediately and explained why the seeds being distributed weren't of the same genetic stock that I had previously been purchasing and in turn sent me a bunch of free beans that turned out really nice. Granted they were just haphazardly thrown in a bubble envelope with no form of protection idid get them as promised and popped 10 out of 10.

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