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  1. 4 new strains have been released by Heavyweight seeds and are proving to be very popular!
    You can find more info at http://www.herbiesheadshop.com/heavyweight-seeds
    Heavyweight Dream Machine
    With a high THC (19%) and CBD (1.6%) Heavyweight Dream Machine makes this strain a favorite for medical users. A powerful, knock out effect. Height of 1.5m and an indoor yield of 1000g per m2.
    Heavyweight Superb OG
    Combining Indica and Sativa to produce a relaxed yet euphoric effect. One of the finest examples of Original Gangster taste and strength.  THC levels of 20-24% with a flowering time of 8 weeks.
    Heavyweight 2 Fast 2 Vast Autoflowering
    Improving on the Fast and Vast Auto but not losing on any of the quality the new 2 Fast 2 Vast takes the Northern Lights and crossed it with the mighty Fast and Vast auto creating a mouthwatering masterpiece. With a THC of 18-20% and harvest in 8 weeks creating a giggling high and a relaxed stone.  
    Heavyweight High Density Auto
    Big Bud Auto crossed with White Dwarf Auto, the Heavyweight High Density Autoflowering seed produced up to 150 grams per plant in approx 8 weeks. THC levels of 18-20% and CBD of 0.3% giving a relaxed stone but giving mental boost and clarity.

  2. Ordered Fruit Punch and received a free Dream Machine. If it does what they say I'll order some.
  3. Just ordered the heavyweight fast and vast autos if they look nice I'll try the 2fast 2vast in comparison.
  4. good lookin strains :smoke:
  5. Would love to try that Heavyweight Dream Machine for my next grow journal!
  6. i have got massive midgets going now... like them so far..
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    Doesn't OG stand for 'Ocean Grown'?
    From what I remember reading someone said it was so good because it was grown in the mountains, and the grower replied "Naw man, this is ocean grown."
  8. love the growth of these massive midgets from heavy weight seeds.. if they bring the yield i will surly be buying more.. and have to give a shout out to herbies love you guys.. never had a order fcked up.. no sketchy shit here with these guys.. good job herbies ! :metal:
  9. Yes ocean grown.

    Some twats think it's original gangster coz peeps like snoop and dre 50cent think it is....

  10. I always thought it was overgrown ..
  11. no bub.. ocean grown..... till snoop dog and them... pooped off with original gangsta. stuff... although never heard of overgrown..lmao.. how things get carried away... its like the girl scout cookies.. heehe.. there is very... very few that smoke the real girl scout... read plenty on the cookie family.. and they do not give out the mix.. ever..lol but plenty sell it.. i could keep going but blhaaahha  haha..
  12. How did the dream machine seeds turn out? I've got some coming. I know this is a 4yr old thread but hopefully the member is still active

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