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  1. has anyone ordered from them? is it really legal? I'm not the smartest.
  2. Try http://grasscity.co.uk/ I havent tried it yet but I plan to try there spice gold extra strong 1/8. I heards lots of good things about it. Theres even a thread on this forum about it
  3. i normally would just buy some from a friend but i was curious if people actually buy this stuff. Btw i live in Canada but its still illegal
  4. If youre talking about shit like www.herbalsmokeshop.com then you are wasting your time and money, because it doesn't get you high. It does, however, give you a headache if thats what you're looking for. There is no real alternative to the real thing. Period.
  5. does it have THC/CBN in it? NO! then its not real, or at least not gettin you "high"
    c'mon fellaz, it seems the IQ of the city is falling fast
  6. Yeaaaah boy lemme tell you a little story bout the SEARCH BUTTON.

    There once was a search button located on the 3rd link from the outside, top rightish of the page. People from all over would come and hit the search button, but then one day the evil cloud of ignorance came and PUT A STOP TO THAT MUH FUCKIN SHIT.

    On the real though, hit it, dont forget it.
  7. yo dawg chill just asking a question and yeah i did search before it and did find a post but it was old.

  8. www.herbalsmokeshop.com is a joke don't even go there I heard so much crap about and there so many copy sites that sell the same product even tho www.herbalsmokeshop.com claim to to offical source it's a joke. try Spice gold extra strong from grasscity.com
  9. I just don't see why anyone would bother... Spice gold, eh? Sounds like another herbal smoke to me, but what do I know? Well, I bet it won't get you high. I could be wrong... but I doubt it. :)

    Do you guys like to smoke different flavored tobacco? Because if thats what you're going for, then I can understand why you want to try it. I've always despised tobacco of all kinds, and "smokes". If marijuana never existed, I would have never inhaled smoke in my life. Herbal smokes just will never be my cup of tea.
  10. The only herbal alternative ive ever heard of working is spice gold...which is great for topping bowls, gives you a little buzz...but ya theres HELLA of these herbal threads, kinda ridic.
  11. Hey Man, Maybe I can help... I've ordered from each one of their sites, and tried things out.

    Herbalsmokeshops- I got a little bit of their "legal" bud like in May. DEFINATLY a waste. I kinda got a headache/ a bit light headed, and it wasn't pleasant. Definatly a waste of time and money bro.

    EDIT ( grasscity)- Very reputable site. They're based in Europe somewhere. They won't ship spice to the US. Most sites won't. Since this would be against the forum rules, I cannot link the site I know, But if you PM me, I'll gladly help you out.

    Spice/spice gold Works for MOST, NOT ALL! I recently just tried some, and it was great. A heavy hangover feeling though when you wake up next. There is a new blend called "99-0 chillin" or something to that effect.

    Supposedly it's the Spice Gold high, but without the heavy hangover. Spice gold has you fucked up ( or monged, as the people on EDIT say), for a good couple of hours. usually 4+ even with just 2 bowls. I would check it out.

    The downsides would be:

    you have to pay for shipping, And it's as expensive as it's illegal protocol. But definatly fun. Another member here, Denialz, has ordered some 99-0 chillin. Hopefully it reaches him tomorrow. I would hit him up, or watch The General Forum for his thread on it!

    Hope My information was useful,


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