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  1. Well I've been doing a lot of reading on herbal highs and whatnot.

    Now this question is going to be pretty fucked up...lol

    I was wondering if there is a normal spice you can buy at the market (ie: oregano, or parica or whatever) that you can smoke that may give you a slight high/body high or anything?


  2. Read my post on nutmeg! You dont smoke it but its effects are like weed and its cheap! not something you wanna be doing a lot of though (apparently it fucks with your liver or something)
  3. hey, its just like alcohol!

    stick to green

    I understand being broke and not being able to get any.. so instead.. find some friends that will smoke you out when you're low. yea....
  4. I'm looking for something that will make me trip. I have no access to salvia, and I don't like DXM. Anything else?

    I'm hoping we get some more acid, we just went through a period of having tons of acid, and now we are back at not being able to find any in this damn town.
  5. You can get Salvia really easy if you have the resources. Check some of the affiliated sites because they do sell Salvia and Salvia Extract (5x and 10x) for a reasonable price. I myself have 15x Salvia and it's crazy :)

    A lot of people say that it's a one-time thing with salvia, but I for one disagree. I have been on countless salvia trips and have yet to feel the need to stop or the want to. Right now I too am very under budget and can't get any herbal necessities so I'm relying on a cheaper source, NUTMEG :)

    I don't plan on relying on nutmeg for a long period of time because the effects are devistating for long-term results of over use. I can't wait till Monday so I can get my half-OZ of Purp Haze *drool*

    Peace Out!
    If you're in Wisconsin, HOLLER!

  6. if you wanna trip and you like acid, go for morning glory seeds... they take about an hour to process, but you can buy them anywhere you can buy any garden plants.

    Get heavenly blues (the species of morning glory) seeds, at least 500...

    crush them to a fine powered (this makes it more likely to be soluble)

    when crushed, (shoudl look snadpapery) toss it into a mix of Naptha (avaible at hardware stores) This stuff isn't pretty, but it IS water soluble, where the lysergic acid IS NOT.

    soak in Naptha for about 30 minutes, this removes what is know as the "strichnine effect" trus you can ingest the seeds without clearing them with naptha, but you will get a fish-eyed, headache type of downer.

    pour the naptha solution through a coffee filter

    carefully dry the naptha solution... you'll be left with a fine powder. let the powder air dry. when you are SURE it is dry, set it aside.

    finally, take your powder and mix it 250seeds to each 1 oz of 140proof alcohol.

    if you have less potent alcohol, be sure to stay in proportion (i.e. more alcohol when it is less potent)

    Mix this up, and shake it often. The longer you let this dissolve, the better your trip will be. Some say 3 days. I've gotten away with a few hours. But the trip will always be better the longer you wait.

    now filter this through a coffee filter, but this time THROW AWAY THE POWDER. Keep the alcohol that comes through.

    When you drink, allow the drink to sit in your mouth as alcohol can be absorbed by the membranes in your mouth and under the tounge, then swallow.

    Since the alcohol will go straight into your blood stream, so does the lysergic acid. The 2 oz of alcohol will affect you minimally compared to the seeds.

    Sit back and enjoy a 12 hours trip with a very very long rise, and a very serious peak.

    If you filter it the way stated above, you will have no bad side effects. Eating the seeds alone will give you the "strychnine effect" which will completely ruin your trip

    To speed up the effects, smoke a few bowls.

    This isn't much of a party tripping drug like shrooms. Its more introspective. Good for alone, or maybe with one GOOD friend. The peak has a distictive salvia flavor, only somewhat less intense as you are comming up for so long.

    There's a FAQ about this on erowid. It seem to be very accurate.
  7. damn.. that is a long process.. is it even worth the al lthe work? only, done delta9-thc and dextromethorphan.
  8. I've tried morning golry seeds once like a week ago(1st time)
    I just washed em with water and detergent, then chewed them down. It was good, except for the beginning, where I some nausea, but then I dry heaved and it went away. After that, it was a very good high. Since it was my 1st time I only ate 3 packs of heavenly blue, about 150 seeds or so. I am definetly gonna try it again soon, more seeds this time though.

    I have some questions about the extraction:

    -So you can use naphtha? You dont need to get petroleum ether? Or are they the same thing?

    -When you drink the alcohol, do you have to let it sit in your mouth? And for how long? Because Id much rather now have some nasty ass hard liquer sittin in my mouth for a long period of time...
  9. Naptha is a name-brand type of Petroleum Ether used for model/di-cast cars/planes. It works the same way as pure Petroleum Ether, but a little milder.


  10. Oh, really? Does that include Zippo lighter fluid, thats the only naptha I can find, I use it for extracting DXM and it works fine, I think it should be good for this procedure too then.
  11. Yeah Zippo fluid is what I used for DXM too. Cheap and efficient.

  12. I just started building my grow room... YAY!!! :)
  13. Wicked stuff. I'll probably be doin the extraction this week sometime, depending on when I get the house to myself. I'll let ya know how it goes.

    And good luck on your grown room ash23. What are you growing anyways, weed?
  14. Depends, are you a cop :p J/k. Yea I'm growing Early Misty.
    I'm really hoping to get a good crop going


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