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Herbal Solid Concentrate tryed any?

Discussion in 'General' started by sounds, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Have any of you tryed any of the legal alternatives?
    Or are you still to busy taking real drugs to know any different?

    Tryed any of these?

    Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate. Not for the weak! This blend is 100% natural and contains high-grade essential oils and resin extracts imported from India. It's truly one of the best solid herbal smokes and has now been sold for over 8 years. Ultra potent very flavorful smoke, compiled of ultra thick concentrated choice exotic herbal oils and resins

    Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate. Super potent thick resin. Moroccan Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate. This solid concentrate won best alternative Solid Concentrate product in top smoking magazines 4 years in a row!

    Arabian Brown Solid Smoke - Composed of all the resins of the worlds most POTENT legal herbs. This arabian solid is of the HIGHEST quality, appearing dark in color, with shiny spots where the resin dried from it's liquid state when being made. The smoke is sweet, not too harsh at all, and very, very effective.

    Jamaican Blueberry Solid Concentrate is made with the extracts and resins of our world famous Blueberry Hybrid Buds. This solid is not for lightweights! Very smooth, easy to smoke, very tasty with a hint of blueberry scent, and ULTRA POTENT, blueberry solid is by far one of the world's best legal alternative smokes.

    Emerald Green Solid Concentrate - a potent, powerful, bright green colored solid smoke composed of a variety of potent amazonian herbs and resins world reknown for their extremely satisfying qualities and relaxing smoke. This smoke has a very uplifting quality and will impress you to say the least.
  2. Any1? how can there be not one review on the entire internet about this stuff, Someone must have bought it.
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    Ok here it goes..

    I ordered an ounce of orange krush from monstersmokeshop.com
    They were very bad to get replys from, he kept copying and pasting his same email
    It took three weeks to arrive and when i got it, there was no potency whatsoever
    Then i got a reply from an email i sent to international oddities telling me that i got scammed
    They gave me a link from their site warning people agenst the other guys i bought from.

    Legal Buds News || Internationaloddities.com

    So basically these guys are scamming people and lieing about their products
    I can confirm that and to top that off so did inter. oddities.

    It cost me 62$
    It tastes nice but that's it, very oily and no potency
    They are trying to get the money from epassport now for that order so i had to
    tell epassporte about it to stop the transaction, as a result i have to fill out forms.

    That's what i get for trying to quit illegal drugs

    I don't know much about internationaloddities.com but i might try them next
    They replyed to almost all my emails, but for legal reasons they wouldn't tell me
    that any of their smokes/buds packed a good punch, even tho their site says they are potent.
    I just want to find a few alternatives to smoking illegal stuff, i don't have a choise.
    Something that tastes nice and is potent, something not bland something that's simular to real bud.
    I've been smoking stuff from the local herb store and it's like incense, no other options.

    I'm gonna post this email as a warning
  4. I have tried the Black Magic Herbal Incense. Mine came in a small medicine bottle. The bottle contains small bits of chopped plant matter, some of which looks a lot like weed.

    I smoked a couple of bowls of this stuff last night with friends, this was the first time I have ever smoked it. I smoked it out of a badass percolator...an inline HBG with a 4 arm tree, a dome and a splash guard. It was just a crazy piece of glass...but I digress.

    Anyway, we had already smoked a bit of weed so I am sure I was a lil high before the incense. :rolleyes:

    However, I hit the Black Magic several times and I was immediately high in a different way It was a sort of pychedelic head high. I was very chatty, and for the first time since I first started smoking when I was 14 I felt my face go numb. That NEVER happens anymore...I have been smoking green since I was 14 and I am 39 now....so you do the math....I am a seasoned smoker! I was GONE....so so so so high!

    After that we smoked some Blue Dream...and I was still primarily noticing the effects of the Black Magic.

    When I got up to leave I noticed that I felt about nine feet tall and bending over to grab my keys off the table was a surreal experience. Sort of like when Alice in Wonderland got suddenly bigger.

    I know this must all sound great but it is now morning....and I had a night of weird weird dreams. I feel sort of anxious this morning and foggy, I am having trouble getting my head together this morning and it does not feel natural. :confused_2:

    This is not my typical morning after a great smoking session. I have spent part of the morning looking up the ingredients listed on the side of the bottle hoping to find which one is responsible for the more surreal effects.

    I do not know what to think. I am not sure if I will try it again. To be perfectly honest I am surprised these sorts of blends actually do anything. I did not expect it to. I am an everyday smoker and I had no expectations for this stuff. If I figure out what ingeredient made me a junior psychonaut I will report back!!!
  5. You never said where you got it from either, hope it wasn't the same site as me
    Anyway, i haven't smoked a real joint since before i posted this topic.
    I've been smoking incense mixes that are classes as smoking blends where we live.

    And i've been high all this time on and off, but i'd much perfer the real deal.
    Saying that this shit has kept me away from illegal shit for a long time.

    There is a new incense in the form of a block like a new legal grade hash
    It's afgani incense and it's as good or better than hash.
    I just don't buy it often coz u get too little for 25 euro

  6. Yeah basically the same story for me, minus some years in age.
    I was at a head shop and was recommended to buy this and I did not think it would do a single thing, but was I wrong. It was way stronger than weed and was psychedelic as well. Not trippy like shrooms, but just very bizzare.

    I've been smoking it for a week and it's very addictive, I think. The high was complete body, almost like your body was drunk but your mind was sober.
    Definitely something you have to experience, but as I said, it might be addictive.

    I think the drug in it is called: JWH-###
    which is man-made..
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