Herbal life or certification?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Posting this on behalf of my cousin and sister.

    I really want to lose some weight and I've been reading up on herbal life. Has anyone tried it? What are the pros and cons?

    About how much is it a month? Does it keep you full? What two meals did you supplement? Did you get any headaches? I will add that a doctor recommended them to get herbal certificate that're available online and said that it will help you definitely in future. What you guys suggest about it?

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  2. I'm really sorry if it's irrelevant or off topic.
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  3. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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  4. No help here, I haven't tried it. I believe in diet and exercise and I guess Herbal Life counts as diet and should work for your cousin and sister. I wish them good luck. I've lost weight this year and it feels good.
    Have you checked Google for reviews?
  5. Hey guys. I need to lose weight but I hate diets. I read a lot of reviews of Herbal life and it seems like a good option. Who has tried it? Is it worth it?
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    I haven't tried Herbal life. But my advice is to consult your doctor as you might not know that one or another ingredient can be harmful to your health. Also, always check the information on the label, the chosen supplement should contain only natural ingredients.
    I prefer reading online reviews before purchasing to find out other people's experiences and thoughts. This how I found these kaleidoscope hair products that turned out to be helpful.
    And remember that there are no magical pills. No matter what supplement you choose, it will help you lose weight only when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
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  7. Herbal life:gc_rocks:

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