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Herbal Clean 32oz Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink- does it work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by reikai, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Hey all,

    Has anyone ever used the

    Herbal Clean 32oz Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink?

    This is supposed to be for heavy smokers with alot of body mass (200+ lbs) I have been reading mixed reviews but the ones who have failed seemed to use it incorrectly.

    So, I have random drug tests that are non court ordered. Reason being is that I recently found out that I have a child and am trying to gain sole custody. For my first two tests, they were partially supervised and I had no problem using a monkey dong. Heck, monkey urine beat a test that was tested specifically for being synthetic (kudos to serious monkey business.) I show up to my third test and surprise surprise they brought in a man to stare directly at my crotch. I of course refused the test and blamed it on an invasion on privacy. So now here I am 10 days without smoking, and my next test could be any day. I purchased this herbal cleanse for 75.00 (I'm dumb because I found it at another place for 60.00, but its too late now) and am really banking on this working. Essentially, my next drug test will determine if my child comes home to me, or I get drug though hoops for another 6 months. I'm about 245 lbs 6ft tall and don't really lead an active life style. I was smoking a couple blunts a day for several months after my last two week break. Before my two week break I smoke every single day for years. I have PTSD and am an approved medical cannabis card holder, but in the eyes of the court, it does not matter. (Same concept as beer, rum, vodka, blah blah)

    So, any advise?

    Thank you.

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