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Herbal alternatives?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokelesswonder, Jul 9, 2004.


How are herbal alternatives compared to the real thing?

  1. Just as good and definitely worth a try

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  2. Definitely not as good as the original, but still ok and worth a try

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  3. Absolutely terrible, dont even think about trying them

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  4. Don't know...Don't care, stick to the real, original, diggity dank

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  1. Have any of you guys (and ladies of course) tried any of the herbal bud alternatives? I have been visiting herbalsmokeshop.com alot recently and was wondering if the stuff is worth a hoot. Oh and kind of a side note: does anybody besides me smoke cloves? Like clove cigarettes? I cant seem to pass up smokin a pack of cloves every weekend.
  2. i dunno, me and one of my friends have been looking at herbalsmokeshop for some time now deciding if we should try it and what to get. i think were just gonna get like a half O of herbaldro
  3. I was never able to get more than a small light headed buzz from any of them that i've tried. Not worth it in my opinion.
  4. i used to love cloves, but i smoked them too much and the taste disgusts me now. i stick to cigars

  5. heh?

    back on topic. during my first month of smoking i got ripped off when someone gave me them. i was very inexperienced and didnt know the guy i was buying from. basically, they do absolutely nothing compared to weed. ive had a few since then (for free) and thought it was a waste time.

    they taste like shit too
  6. clove sigs are the shit man mmmmm damn they make you lips taste so good aspecilly if you hiiiigh
  8. I just bought a shit load of stuff off of iamshaman.com
    And the stuff I got all fucks you up

    If you REALLY want to get fucked up--smoke a SMALL bowl of 10X salvia off of iamshaman.com and you will be fucked up...lol
  9. I've smoked 2 alternatives to pot(I didn't pay and never would) and all they did was get me light headed. Not worth it at all. Salvia, on the other hand is something I don't consider an alternative. It's nothing like pot, but the experience can be amazing. The only downside is the sweating, I drip sweat when I smoke it.
  10. someone gave me some lettuce opium once and i had to smoke 8 bowls of it to almost feel something
    another time someone gave me some herbal stuff that smelled like a cross between oregano and pepper and it did nothing but give me a bad headache
    stick to real weed

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