Herb Taken By Usc Campus Police

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    I have had it with their bullshit. I will start of by stating that I am a medicinal marijuana patient and I carry my recomendation and legal status showing that I can leagally posses cannabis under the California law.
    I was walking through campus with and ounce an a half in my backpack ziplocked and this stuff was super stinky. The plan was to walk over to my friends so we could chief the budz that were gently tucked away in my back pack. As I am walking I get stopped by security who asks what I am doing and I tell her "I am heading to a friends house across campus." She replies "No your staying here." Another security officer shows up and asks for my back pack and I refuse. Then the guy security guard says, "your back pack smells strongly of marijuana, either we check your back pack, or the police will do it." Well the police came anyways, my back pack was taken by one of the security oficers, I still refused search since my friend has told me that I should just show them my papers and get on my way. I got out my rec and my folder with California's medical marijuana laws yet they still took my ounce and a half of bud and took my $80 pipe. I had me recommendation out and showed it to them. Am I able to get my weed back?
    These cops are assholes. I asked a cop for directions in the fall and they ended up giving me a posession charge and an mip. Fuck em!

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    Many campuses are not friendly when it comes to cannabis on Campus. Have you looked into their guidelines? :smoke:
  3. ^^^Yup. If a school outlines marijuana as an illegal substance that can't be on campus, then they have every right to take it. And as a private institution I would think USC would have even more power over what rules they can make.
  4. Apparently I read this has happened in UC Boulder and the student threatened law suit so the budz were given back. Taking my $80 pipe and a $260 worth of nug for doing nothing wrong is so angering. 
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    this. i got kicked out of Regis University my FIRST SEMESTER (even with a 4.0 GPA) for having my illadelph in the back seat of my truck. wasn't even in my dorm. yeah, private schools suck. 
  6. 3rd times a charm I guess. Hopefully you'll learn now that all school campuses in the u.s. are exempt from the constitution, ie, they have their own rights/laws/rules, you cannot carry a gun onto a campus, regardless if you have a ccw and you cannot bring drugs onto campus, though they do not consider tobacco a drug for some reason.

    College seriously warped my view of colleges as institutions of learning. It's all about money, control, and power and any rich idiot can get a degree at most colleges with minimal effort. Seriously hate state schools.
  7. Ahh, I just got an email that I have to meet with the dean tomorrow...  :eek: Its summer and they are still sterner than ever.. I never thought I would have to meet with the dean, especially for being a medical patient. 
  8. Yeah dude, I can walk up the dorms carrying enough alcohol to kill myself and get a talking to, yet a bag of nonleathal flower gets you a drug charge and trouble with the instatution. 
  9. ^Land of the fucking free brother
  10. Im stressing out so much god damn I have to talk to the dean about this. I think I am going to be strait up with him and give him my opinion on how these strict rules against cannabis is bullshit. I am going to say something along the lines of this, kids die every year on college campuses due to drinking alcohol. In contrast marijuana doesn't kill college students and is much less intoxicating, leading to less accidents, less rapes, and smarter more thought out decisions. If anything the school should be supporting cannabis use to insure that the students are more safe instead of incriminating students for using a substance less dangerous than alcohol. No one on weed is going to drive a car into a bus stop and kill people, or go on a riot breaking stuff with no reason. Alcohol impairs judgment far more than marijuana, leading quick, unthought out stupid decisions. Students are always going to experiment with intoxicants and that doesn't make them a good or bad person. I was not affecting anyone else in the community, and leaglly under california law I am able to possess cannabis as a form of medication for a compressed disk in my back. Its painful and marijuana really helps me get through my day. 
    Should I ask for my weed or pipe back, or is that going to far?
  11. What have you got to lose? If you are going to go on a rant about how  alcohol is dangerous  and marijuana isn't you may as well ask for your shit back, thought I would think police have your things..
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    California law doesn't state you can bring illegal drugs on school campuses.
    Oh. You're one of those whine and blame alcohol when you don't get your way kind of child. 
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    Save the dean from all the facts. They've probably heard it time and time again. I would focus more on the fact that you're a legal patient. Apologize, and explain that you won't have marijuana on school grounds again.

    And as far as getting your things back, you can more than likely kiss them goodbye. That's the harsh reality of it. You broke the rules and you're probably going to be punished for it. I think getting your stuff taken forever should be the least of your worries. There are some much more severe consequences they could lay on you....
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    Its not the alcohol, its the mindset of how people get all angry and tense when marijuana becomes an issue. Its mindblowing that people still believe marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol in all aspects. Just take a look at how many people get DUI's for drinking on campus. At least every weekend I will see one person get pulled over or having their car towed because of a DUI. How is alcohol more safe, when students drive drunk? I understand people are doing their job but should I had an ounce and a half and my pipe taken from me and have to talk to the dean of students just for carrying marijuana when I have a prescription for it. Would the school go over and take a kids Percocets for pain meds? no they wouldn't. 
    Yeah true, I should just stick to the patients side of it and be chill because who knows what could happen if I make him angry.
    you don't have a prescription, you have a "recommendation"
  17. DO NOT go in with any ideological argument about prohibition lmao. That is the absolute worst way to handle the situation. You broke the rules. It doesn't matter if you think the rules are just or not. You need to be conciliatory if you want to stay in school. Period.
    If you don't give a fuck, then yeah go ahead and give 'em the full 9 yards and annoy him for 5 minutes. And then have fun at CC. 
    Well a recommendation is basically like prescribing marijuana in a legal way. The doctor says I can use marijuana to relieve my back pain which it actually does very well a matter of fact. 
    i understand that. i have my recommendation in CO, and had one in CA when i lived there. prescribing and recommending are NOT the same thing in the eyes of the law.
    every school has the right to set rules for their campus. state schools are REQUIRED by FEDERAL law to have a zero tolerance on scheduled substances. private campuses make their own rules for their campus, which typically mimic state schools.
  20. Yeah get your stuff back! That's like a school taking a cell phone from class then keeping it forever. They can't do that

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