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herb smells different after grinding

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by motoxer, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. got a 1/8th of herb and it smelt like just any other weed i have smelled, however after grinding it all up it changed the smell completly. now it smells like ass, just kinda a stink instead of a aroma like normal, i have never smelled weed that has smelled bad to me....this normal? could it be just because now there is more surface area means stronger smell
  2. if i get some fresh herb it will have a stronger smell when broken up. It will release more smell when u tear into a nice fresh nug
  3. It's probably fine, just a stronger smell than you are used to. Because, as above, when you bust into a fresh bud it's true smell will come out, and it can smell goooood. Also the best way to really smell a nug without busting it open is to just pinch it with your thumb and forefinger right under your nose.
  4. Probably just some reg weed. It happens occasionally when I pick up uncared for bud. If its some dank it should reek in a good way after grinding.
  5. Stop using your moms ped egg to grind your weed ;P

    But yeah, the grinder is most likely just bringing out a stronger scent.
  6. this stuff is pretty dank...first time i have smelled it, i will probally grow on it,
  7. just smoke it and things will all fall into place
  8. ^this. And yeah the smell is going to be changed after you grind it up in a grinder lol, its releasing all the hidden scents.

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