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  1. Why doesn't my herb smell skunky when it dries? It smells and tastes grassy- can I fix this?
  2. We all like the sticky and the stinky. I'm not sure why this would be a problem....You might not be growing the bud to full maturity-or you could be drying it wrong.

    The first time I grew I was a little dissapointed at the lack of smell with my first batch-but the smell was there-you just had to break up the weed to get a good whiff
  3. Thank you sir! I feel alot better now. By the way, after you harvest a plant about how long does it take before it's at the dry point 2-4wks??
    What is the best way to dry for a small grow? Does it have to hang upside-down? Is it necessary to cure?
  4. how are you drying? are you curing at all? what kind of leaf removal have you done. let me know and I can pass on some info as far as drying goes.
  5. So far I just snipped a few buds and laid them out to dry. When they are kinda dry I put them into small glass jar w/ lid. I didn't wait long to smoke though so maybe they weren't dry enough. I haven't been smoking any leaves, should I? I thought just flowers and leaves with flowers are smoke worthy.
  6. you should hang the whole plant to dry. When the large fan leaves get dry and btittle you can remove them.Then let the inner leaf dry and wrap around the bud. Once that dries a bit you trim that down. When the bud tips and outer leaf/flower is dry to the touch you should paper bag it. After that you should be putting it in a glass jar. I am drying and curing some now and have some at diiferent stages. I will post you some pics. The whole process usually takes a minimum of a week to two weeks for me.
  7. Thanx for the info. Does hanging the plant upside-down serve a purpose ie. drying more evenly than say clipping off the buds and laying them out to dry? I guess I wanna know which way is better. How long should I keep it in paper bag? Does the resin glands fall off in the bag? If so, are they lost?
    I heard you could trim the fan leaves before they dry. Is your method easier/less time consuming? What do u do with your fan leaves?
    I should be harvesting my first plant in a couple of wks.This is the farthest I have gotten in my grow. I want to make sure I get the best out of my effort. What strain(s) are you growing? I'm working with some good bagseed. I'm gonna buy some seeds my next grow. Any suggestions?
  8. isn't it easier to hang the buds alone as oppossed to the whole plant. also if it has reached maturity won't the majority of the fan leaves already be discolored and dry from the flowers thriving off the sugars and starches? i agree with leaving the smaller leaves on the bud to wrap around and protect all the crystals. do u find the paper bag absorbs the moisture at a quicker rate than just hanging them? how about humidity in the dry room? i have had problems drying myself so the more i learn the happier i will be thanks in advance
  9. again thanks for your knowledge

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