Herb Question?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedlessinnj, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. Since I am unable to locate any buds near me right now, I was thinking about trying some herbal marijuana alternatives. Has anyone tried any? do they work? can you recomend a good one? Thanks all

    Still weedless in NJ
  2. Salvia Divinorum is listed as a "weed alternative" alot, even though it is nothing like weed. You might want to try it as an "alternative" to "weed", though.

    My friends and I bought some shit for like 5 bucks from a headshop, it was called "herbal opium". It looked like a brick of hash and it gave you a marijuana-esque body high. It was alright, best when crumbled on a bowl of the REAL herb.
  3. no, they dont work.. and salvia is a strong psychedelic which should NOT replace weed.

    you could try finding or making some lettuce opium.. the common stuff thats sold in headshops is really bad though. there are faqs on the net, and you might be able to order the good stuff online somewhere, if you hunt.
  4. ok, thanks for the info, not sure if im going to try it or not.

    smoke if ya got 'em
  5. I know, I said that salvia wasnt like weed. Herbal Opium is lettuce opium by the way.

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