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Herb price? 145 for 1/4?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanabisXero, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hey first post for me here :) my question if I have a friend who can hook me up with his dealer he says 145 for a quarter of what he claims is good stuff but is that a high cost? I live up in CT if that makes a difference.
  2. dont pay 145 for a quarter thats over 20 a g haha no weed is worth over 20 a g anyway a quarter should be like 110 for dank tops i live in nj btw
  3. i live in the uk so not sure but what ive seen from around the forum u'll be gettin ripped
  4. pretty high price

    if it helps its about 20 per gram
    im picking up 1/4 of headies for around 10-11 bucks a gram

    i'd pass if i were you unless it's god like weed...maybe look for some high mids/beasters if your new for lower prices
  5. Depends exactly what your getting. I would say that's high though.

    I get a 1/4 of mids for $25 and a 1/4 of piff for $120
  6. that is very expensive. at least for me i get a half o of dank for like 150
  7. its too high, a quater of dank should be no more than 120.00 its usually like 60 a eight 100 a quater 300 for ounce, of homegrown diggity dank round lsu anyways
  8. my rule is nothing more expensive than 20 a gram
  9. Im in the UK too (very very general i know) and pay £40 for a quarter of what most would around here, dub "good stuff".

    That's around $65? i dunno. But anyway you go about it - that is rather far off 145.
  10. Sounds like your friend is probably trying to make a little bit for himself. CT has some high prices, but not that high.
  11. ya man dont buy anything that comes out to over 20 a g. Offer him a lower price, and if he doesnt go for it find someone else, if you payed that much an oz would be pushin 600!
  12. no way in hell you should be paying 145 a quarter, even in CT with our high prices.

    you should be able to find a quarter of mids for like 70 and a quarter of soem dank for around $90.
  13. CT in general is expensive as shit. But yeah... 145 is a COMPLETE rip.
  14. I pay almost $80 less for a Quarter of dank
  15. idk man it REALLY depends on quality because I can buy a quarter of named exotics fir 150, if it's some amazing shit then go for it, otherwise your gettin ripped off
  16. hrm ok, well im new to this whole buying thing, or at least in larger amounts, i usualy pitchi n some cash to a friend after a night of relaxation, or my mother actualy breaks me off pieces from her stash, alot of our family smokes and me and my mother are very open with eachother and if she has extra she shares with me, she dosent want me to have to spend cash, but i want to buy my own and such, but i know im bound to get played a few times lookin for a good dealer but with this forum idealy i an reduce the chance, ima pickup an 1/8 from the guy and see what its like. if he screws me i just know not to go back.
  17. how much are you payig nfor the slice?

    DO NOT PAY OVER $60!!! hell even $60 is a rip off, but its CT.
  18. im gettin it for 65, so its a little pricy but ill go for it and see what the quality is like
  19. 65 sounds better oh for an eigth...still not too bad

    but why the fuck is it cheaper than the 1/4
  20. because i offered the guy 60 for the 1/8, seeing as it seemed bricy for the 1/4 and if i am gettin rippede i figured id buy small first, but if it checks out i can probaly get 1/4 for cheaper all considering

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