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  1. I'm debating buying an herb iron but want to make sure it's worth it. I've been looking Into them a lot, but is it much better then a glorod? One thing I'd like to know, is can I use my concentrate bowl with the herb iron? Wow just looked at my bowl to take that pic and noticed someone broke the horn off. Fucking people and lack of glass etiquette.
    I'm sure there's a few threads about the herb iron/glo rod, but I haven't seen one comparing the two, so I was hoping to get some opinions before I decide

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  2. a herb iron is basically a hit wand, just dont need butane . i got one best 60 bucks spent, already sent it in for warranty once and got it taken care of very very quickly they were super good at responding quickly. my first one which i got on 420 from "there that shalt not be named" just died one day randomly but me and my girl always left it plugged in and dropping it and shit now we take much better care of the iron and havent had a problem in over 2 months
  3. I got the hakko soldering iron and its pretty much all I use now. Its the same thing as an herb iron without an on/off button and you can get them for $30 at frys.com

    To me the irons seem a lot easier to deal with than heating up a glass wand with a torch for every hit.
  4. for me sometime it bring out the burn taste in my weed, but thats just my weed too. I actually barely use mine, i think ppl around dont know how to flush
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    So u guys think it's worth sixty bucks? I've been using the glo rod and hemp wick for a few months now and feel like this would be a good investment.

    And exploit, what do u mean? U don't think the herb iron gives as good of a hit as hemp wick or a glo rod?

    Will it work for the concentrate bowl I posted?
  6. It will work just as good as a glow rod or better, just bring out the falvor alot more, so if you have shitty weed, it's gunna taste like burn leaf. Should work with the concentrates bowl
  7. Got the herb iron. Pretty stoked. any of you guys tried the vape attachment?
  8. Never used the herb Iron but I made a ghetto vape attachment for my hakko out of a large gong bowl and and it works pretty well. I would assume the herb iron one would be about the same or slightly better since the irons are the same wattage.

    Irons are by far the best way to combust and they are the least expensive way to properly vape. My iron was the best smoking investment I've made in a while, you will love it. For combusting it gives you tons of control on cornering the bowl, you will get nice big rips without torching your bowl.
  9. This thread is making me ache for an herb iron... It's justifying it's necessity. I'm pretty sold. best price online is $65? if anyone can clarify that one, that would be appreciated by a lot. I still would love to hear more from you guys about it though.
  10. Yeah $65 is the right price. They list for $69.99 most places.

    If you want to save $ and can deal with no on/off button the Hakko 454 is $30 at frys.com and is virtually the same thing.
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    Can u describe or upload a pic of the bowl you use? I have a few huge party bowls, but I can't imagine a way to use one to vape with the herb iron.

  12. but they wont have the ceramic tip and will take much longer to heat and cool right? I'm pretty sure.
  13. The bowl I use as a vape heater cover is the large ass one that comes with the black leaf nautilus and octopus. I bought a silver surfer heater cover but couldn't get it to fit well and my bowl works better at transferring heat.

    The hakko 454 (and most hakkos but not other brands of irons) has a ceramic tip, you just have to unscrew the metal tip and take it off to expose the ceramic. Should take roughly the same time to heat and cool, they are both 25 watts. The hakko was the inspiration for the herb iron, they basically took a hakko, put it in a nice case, and put an on off button on it, its the same thing at double the price. The ergonomic casing and convenience of an on/off button, and their solid warranty is what you pay double the price for.

    see my vape milk and demo vid... The hakko close up is at the beginning of the second vid.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DcDMOEbH4Y]Nautilus bong + octopus ashcatcher + hakko vaporwand = milk shot - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbrFbzQbLy0]Nautilus bong + octopus ashcatcher + hakko vapor wand demo/bubbles - YouTube[/ame]
  14. wouldnt it just work better without the diy tip? Doesnt seem like it combusts hot enough

  15. get a carbon filter and a screen use it as a bowl, voila
  16. If you want to combust you don't need a tip. I'm vaping and it combusts too easily without the glass cover.

    The carbon filter and screen will work if you can get it to seal up well and pull heat. Really any bowl setup will work the hard part is getting it to draw consistent heat well.

    Mine seals pretty well cause I'm using 2 of the same gong bowl, one inside the other so they are the same diameter and the bottom of the gong joint of one bowl fits within the inside of the bowl that is loaded with herbs..

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