Herb in Vancouver BC? (Not a hookup thread!)

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  1. So me and a few buddies are planning a trip to Vancouver soon and we are wondering about the legal situation up there? Anyone ever go across the border with it? do they have dogs stationed? We are thinking about taking a bit with us since we know absolutely no one up in Canada...any advise would be appreciated thanks!
  2. its a risk, 50/50 shot. do you have the balls to pull it off? Thats the question.
  3. I took 8 grams over the border to see Pearl Jam @ The Gorge in Washington. Every American that smoked it was blown away, I felt like royalty.

    idk, don't take any with you.
  4. What kind of question is that? by posting this i was already seriously considering it...we will be there for 2 weeks and we where planning on bringing at least 1/4...good stash spots in the ride so yea, i suppose my balls are fairly large :p
  5. Frankly I don't think ball size will help you here. It's more of luck. If you make it, yay! If not... yeah...
  6. 1. i think what he is asking is if its safe to take weed for the USA and bring it to canada.
    2. i think hes asking how easy it is to get weed in vancouver.
    Well when i went to quebec like 5 years ago i didnt see any dogs and they didnt search me but that might have been because i was with my dad.
    I deffenetly didnt see any dogs though but it was a while ago so idk about now.
    and i really cant answer about getting weed there cuz ive never been
    but 1marijuanaman on youtube has a few videos where he is smoking on street corners in vancouver and on a ferry there too and he got caught on the ferry by the captain and the captain didnt even care so i guess its pretty relaxed up there as far as i know.
    I would assume there is alot of weed up there to so i mean its all good
    hope this helped you out
  7. Not worth it. Depending on the people at the border, they might search you if they see a couple of guys in a car driving through to go to Vancouver. Last time I crossed the border, I got stopped and questioned.

    In addition, it's not that difficult to find a herb in Vancouver. Just go to the art gallery downtown around night time and sooner or later you'll stumble upon someone saying "Weed? BC Bud? Herb?" ++
    Amsterdam Cafe on Hastings St., also in Downtown Vancouver.. people just walk in there to smoke joints and blunts so finding a connect there would be your best bet.
  8. Don't worry so much about sneaking weed from the U.S. into Canada, they basically let you drive right past, it's Canada, eh!

    But I wouldn't reccomend bringing weed, just in case you DO get searched or whatever, it's fairly easy to find some weed. Go to a headshop, chill, don't be sketchy, and you'll probably find someone who knows someone :p
  9. should be easy enough to get bud in Vancouver without bringing it.
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    Hmmm. OK, i have helped plenty people before on this when they come to the Van.

    Like one of the blades stated before me, going to the art gallery is a good idea. But your absolute 100% best bets are the Vansterdam Cafe, or the BCMP bookstore. If you go to the bookstore there are free Vapo hits at 4:20 everyday and you can use their mighty arsenal of bongs.

    Be sure to ask if Marc is there, if not ask if Jodie is. <- Mr. Emery's wife. If ya see him he will most likely match a couple bowls.

    Be sure to have fun, and be safe. Dont go into the Native Reservs.


    The adress for BCMP Bookstore is 307 W. Hastings St.
  11. why wouldnt you go into the native reservs. Is it dangerous??
    Is there giant axe wielding spider monkeys there ready to tear you limb from limb??
    cuz that would be fucking nuts
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    they dont have dogs crossing the border from canada to usa.
    we Canadians are chill ,the boarder people wont search your car unless your suspicous looking. I once took 10 grams from vancity to the usa cuz i was visiting and i didnt want to but weed in the usa( prices are too high!!) so i just put it in my glove compartment.The boarder people didnt even search my car.

    and wats so wrong with the native reserves?
    i got a couple of hookups that are native and they got cheap good weed .
  13. hey guys i was just reading this because my buddy and i are planning a trip to vancouver this winter and i was wondering, how much would about an ounce of some good dank cost?
  14. i wouldnt bring any, it all depends on which officer you get. its about a 50 50 chance. its really easy to find bud in vancouver. just go to the area of the bcmp vapor lounge and new amsterdam cafe, they are on hastings street right by the seabus terminal, i think its west. there are tons of stoners and dealers around there.

    you will get better weed as well :D

  15. No more than $180, if you tell people you're from the states they might try to take a few extra bucks from you though.
  16. your goin to vancouver and bringing weed?? haha i wouldnt worry about that... just head down to wreck beach and there will be at least 3-4 people offering you ganj in a few hours.

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