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  1. I was wondering what the best style of herb grinder is, manually twisting or using a crank and what makes it better?  My impression is that the cranks seem more brittle or more likely to have complications based on their structure, is that true? what are the pros and cons of each?
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    From what experience my friends have had with theirs, the crank grinders cranks break off way too easily, but they do like them and have bought them again and again.

    A regular grinder though, if you get a quality one will last as long as you can keep it, with no complications if you give it a good cleaning once in awhile.
  3. I just started using a grinder. (Sharpstone from Amazon) I tried some poor burning stuff and it made it burnable. I like the idea of no kief loss. I never had a crank grinder.
  4. 4 pc space case titanium. No crank-grinder. The thing that makes one grinder better than the other is the quality of workmanship and materials. I find the teeth in my space case are very sharp and the tolerances between them very small. This means the crevices and "dead" zones in the grinder are minimized and when the teeth DO come into contact with the plant material they don't stop, bind or gall.
  5. i just got a sharpstone with a crank on it and i like it alot! but you do have to be careful about how you grind. you can't just go shoving huge nugs in there to grind, gotta break em up pretty small, but other than that its really cool. and the top is clear so you get to watch the weed get all shredded up from them sharp ass teeth. i like it but i can see the crank breaking under too much weed so you gotta be careful.

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  6. Manuel grinders all the way, the less that can go wrong the less will go wrong. I've had my no name three chamber steel grinder for about six years now and, aside from a small spot where I pushed the screen out of the clamp trying to direct load a one hitter, its in perfect shape. Give your grinder a iso bath every other year or so and it'll spin like the day you bought it every time and as long as your not acting a fool you shouldn't have any problems cross threading the lower chambers either. :metal:

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