Herb Cost How Much?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by RedEyed-Punk, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Whats the price of weed for an 8th? In your home State? In Michigan its $30 for pretty good herb, In Indiana its $20, but im not sure about the others, whats the price in colorodo?
  2. Dude, there are SO many threads on this, click the search button before u make new thread

    40$ 8ths herr
  3. you didn't say of what.

    an 8th of some super.. some mids, or regs.

    So in any case...

    $40-60 for super
    $15-20 for mids
    and reg.. I don't have a clue. 5 bucks? eh, I wouldn't pay that.
  4. 5 $ 8ths???~!~~

    id sell that shiznit

  5. The stuff I've seen in these parts for $20 does not look worth smoking to me. Expect to pay $40 to $50 an eighth for high grade in Indiana. It does come much cheaper than that when you know the growers though. ;)
  6. 50 here in wisconsin for an 8th
  7. for an 8th here it would be something like 120bucks?
  8. haha 8th 120$ plz slap ur dealer for me .. kkthxla..

    about 60 for sum bomb asss dank
  9. its about 50 for some dank shit in mass, haha, yah, i wish i had 50 bucks right now.........


  10. $25-40 here in MA.
  11. an 1/8 here in socal is about $50, $60 for some purple kush

    i got a new hookup though who is harvesting his plants now, sold me 6 grams of some purple haze for only $40 :-D
  12. 45-50 for 1/8 of KB or n. lights in columbus.
  13. 35 1/8 from my main guy, usually high quality indoors
    65 1/4
    110 1/2

    another occasional hookup
    gives 200 for a OZ, this is real real high quality shit too but it only comes around every so often so i cant grab it all the time

    I rarely pick up less than quarter so i usually get decent prices, but when i do pick up small bags it usualy runs 10 bucks a gram.

    These prices apply to pretty good indoors, and this is in canadian money . i live in eastern canada.
  14. $50 an eigth here
  15. Jesus,man! 50 for and 8th? 120? Down here in Texas we get the whole friggin ounce for fifty. And i've never gotten a sack without red hairs or crystals or somethin.
  16. guess i gotta get out of this place and start meeting some growers....yeah...here in btown, nooo clue how much stuff is...
  17. Shyt, I'm moving to Texas. In Alberta, Canada for some super dank BC Bud it's $25-$40 for an eighth.
  18. here in norcal an eigth is 50 or 40 if you know the right man. i usually can only get it for 50. where i live, you don't ask for mids or chronic, weed is weed. and it's usually KB that totally kicks ass. most of the stuff is (at least i am told) from medical clinics. sometimes when i buy hash it is in a little box with a cover that has a medical marijuana label on it.
  19. reggie is 10-15..
    mids is 20-30...
    good shit like 30+
  20. In this shit hole vally your friend ship with your dealer is key it makes a 8th any where from 25-60 bucks.

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