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herb and butter for pop corn?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Kanaspliff, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. I know there was recipe where you could use herb in popcorn ( I think it was called poppin mary jane or something weird like that) but I dont quite remember how its made.

    I think you melt the butter and herb in the microwave, filter than pour over your popcorn( or not filter if made fine ) but I dont remember exactly since it was too long ago. It may work because technically butter has fat so it can retain THC right?

    I was gonna try it but wondering if anyone knows more about it? would be sick to watch movies and get ripped while eating popcorn. :D

  2. Since nobody replied, I tried it myself with what I knew. Worked pretty well ( I used dairy butter due to fat type and content , not the shabang from the supermarket). Gotta be careful not to burn the butter (do it like the cannapeanutbutter recipe, microwave for 30 seconds, let it cool then redo for about 1min 30 total). Tastes pretty good if you add dill pickle/ketchup flavouring.

    Its good if you want a constant high through the entire movie without burning out. I forgot what the movie was about though....:hippie:
  3. Def gonna try this. When microwaving it does it make a lot of smell? I hope my whole apartment smells like it
  4. You must have some chilled neighbors bro lol. I put the cover on during heating up so I dont know if that makes a difference. I did it again but this time I actually left it in the fridge for about 15 mins then did nuked it again for 30 secs in the microwave.

    I am gonna try different things. I found it the best after smoking a joint since the high you get off eating the popcorn isnt the most intense but its gradual and it kept me from burning out ( I hate burning out during movies).
  5. Dude, sweet idea.. +rep. I gotta try this sometime soon. Just to confirm tho, did it make much of a smell?
  6. Thanks! It does smell like weed but thats usually gone by the time you make your popcorn. If you trying to hide it than make your popcorn first then directly after make your cannabutter. I did it a while ago just as a relaxing high but I left the bud in the butter for a while...forgot how potent it gets when you just let it sit for a while. I was blitzed! Whats more funny is that I kept zoning out and eating it even more!

    There are some posts about how to get the most out of making cannabutter in the microwave and they are in detail. I recommend just going over it, that way you get the most out of it without burning or vapin the thc. Good luck!

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