Her first smoke

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Ms-Contin, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. so i got my chick to smoke for the first time(some good shit)
    she loved it
    we went to fukkin church high as hell tho
    then i got a dub for 10 bucks
    so today was a godamn good day
  2. lol being stoned around the god squad is fun, it makes godlings way more tolerable

    my old girlfriend had a church lock in once, and she invited me so i went, but first myself, her cousin, sister and her sis's boyfriend stopped at my house and got ripped...then when we got there her minister is like "cosmic skating night!" so we power smoked a couple bowls on the way to skating rink (we drove separate) and tripped out to the black lights and fucked up light displays...lame shit, but i was really young so get off my nuts :p

    p.s. roller blading is fucking hard when your blitzed:smoking:
  3. hah,that's what inoticed it's alot less boring when u cant stop laughing
  4. haha cool stuff man, i got my girl smoking the other day , jsut last night she took a bong rip out of my buddies awesome first bong, got ripped and we went back to her place for 'chill time'. good night then to

    needless to say my girlfriend is around me alot more now that she smokes :]
  5. join the club. my girl and me burn every night together. more often than not, shes lightin another bowl while im feelin fine and toasty...
  6. Nice man. It's always fun smokin with a maaad cool chick, especially if your dating her.
  7. i love smoking with my girl

    then having sex

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