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    Hello everybody,
              I just recently moved from the NYC suburbs to the Richmond area here in Henrico County Virginia. I have been here now for about a month or so and I have been really trying hard to find some friends to just hang out or chill with but no luck. I live in an apartment by myself and have a decent job but its hard work and I Just want to wind down and chill with some people who share the same interests as me after a hard day at work or on the weekends.
    Since I have moved, I have visited one Head shop called Greenhouse Glass, and they have a great selection and basically everything you need except for 29.2mm attachments for a water pipe. I saw that there were some other people in the shop with me so I casually introduced myself to them in front of the store when they came out and made friends with them and eventually of course got to the topic of bud, but they told me that they have been dry for weeks themselves and they were actually returning a piece because it was unused and they were actually going to quit smoking q-_-p. 
    I haven't given up on finding people, however because of my bad luck is the reason I decided to make a Grasscity account and make this post. I have also found that this Forum can basically fulfill all my questions about bud so I will be using it frequently for all of my questions.
    It's been a really tough lonely month, and I'm just looking for some chill people to meet. I didn't have any prior friends here before I moved so it has been very difficult. If anybody is interested in chilling sometime and would reach out to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Hi R.

    I am gld to meet you, I'm new too. I'm happy to chill with you anytime. Check out the forums and enjoy the ride. :)

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