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  1. Ok so I recently picked up a bottle of Hennessy Coganic, and I can't drink this shit it literally taste like Cologne and I can't get passed a sip before putting it down because it's too strong. Do any blades have any good mixes to make the taste any Better?

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  2. i dont like hennessy at all
  3. Yea, it's totally overrated mainly because it taste like horse shit. But I can't lie it does get me fairly saucy

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    i used to mix it with whatever juice i could find.  v8 fusion i used to mix with everything.  that worked for me.
    i cant drink that shit straight though.  idk how people do that.
  5. You don't mix decent liquor. Especially cognac. It's pretty much wine brewed into hard liquor, that's why you probably think it taste like shit. 
  6. Good Tupac song.
    1) put 2 fingers over your nose and close it
    2) chug the bottle
    3) $$$profit$$$ ???
    seriously though, orange juice.
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    The best way to drink Hennessey is with simply lemonade 50/50 is how my girl likes it

  9. Weed
  10. Take shots. Chase it with coke. Best I can do
  11. Shoot and Chase my friend it never fails me.
    This goes with all liquor...
  12. Which Henny?  VS? XO? VSOP? Privilege?...If it was VS that's about the cheapest you can go hence the shitty flavor.  If trolls were real I would imagine it would be standing under a bridge with a bottle of VS.  
  13. Good woody song. "Hennessey, lemon squeeze, and green bud" the title and the chorus pretty much says it all.

    Or apple juice works alright.

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  14. Drink it on the rocks like a boss :cool:
  15. Hennessy & Hypnotic= incredible hulk
    Best hood drink you'll ever have
  16. Hennessy is awesome, mix it with some dr.pepper and your good to go.
  17. Might try that :D

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