Hempy w Coco and perlite issues

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  1. Only one of 3 plants exploded, the other 2 stayed small. After harvest no roots near the res in the 2 small plants... And great roots on the big one.

    The one that hit the resorvoir was a clone, the others from seed. Maybe the were root bound before the transplant?

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  2. No, I don't believe so. They should be rootbound in a hempy, full of roots, no room left for anything but roots. If you have unused medium near reservoir, two possibilities. #1, You burnt the roots. #2. The medium down there went anaerobic on you, and perlite if not rinsed will have enough dust to create silt which nothing can grow in on the bottom.
  3. I way over nuted. I bet that is it. I did rinse the perilite well. Thanks for replying.

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  4. What size pot did you start in and how large were they when you transplanted? Did you start the 2 seeds and the clone in the same size pot?
  5. The clone was bigger when transplanted but I think I went from 1g smart pots to hempys on all of them.

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  6. I could be wrong but it's been my experience that if you transplant too late after the roots start circling, they will continue to grow that way even after transplanted. That's why I switched to air pots when I grew in coco. I remember some of the root balls were still a ball and barely reached the sides or the bottom after harvest. Now I do perlite hempys and start in the final pot.

    Good luck.
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