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  1. Hey there, first post here, pretty much learned everything from these forums. So I decided to do a hempy grow. The seeds are auto ak47 and auto ak47 x kush.

    After soaking for 12 hours in distilled I started them in rapid rooter plugs 3 days ago and so far %50 have reached the point where I thought they should be moved, when the little taproot comes out the bottom.

    So I just transplanted these last night, I was forced to buy Miracle Grow Perlite, but I flushed it with distilled water before putting them in, so I think that helped get rid of the weak nute mix MG puts in there. Anyway I wake up this morning and I'm seeing what looks like algae originating from the RR plug, I currently have 4 cfls about 10" away from the tops. I want to nip this in the butt quick. Any suggestions appreciated. Temp is low to mid 70's

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  2. Okay so I just had my wife look... I frogot to mention I'm somewhat colorblind. I asked her if that coloring around the plug was Green, she told me it was kinda yellow/brown. :eek:
  3. well Ive never started a hempy from seed myself, always use clones...whats your watering schedule like? I water everyday at first...but I dont have plants in plugs that hold water also. So maybe your just giving them too much water causing the alge growth. The seedlings dont look bad, I would keep an eye on your watering to make sure they dont dry out...or get too much.

    But if the tap roots coming thru the plug already they should hit the rez in no time. Im assuming your not planning on growing them out in the cups right? I would think about moving them into the final pots soon cause moving one with a full root system is a pain in the ass. Ever try and dig a hole in perlite? Not easy. Or if you have a second set of hands it makes it easier.

    Good luck on the grow

  4. I started them in the rapid rooter tray with dome, there are still 6 left to transplant to the cups, had 4 duds... I just put them in the cups yesterday and watered till water came out my hole which is about 1" from the bottom of the cup, I'm planning on watering once a day, I plan to bog these on top of my final container, anywhere from 2L to 3 gallon not sure yet. I started in the cups because I read hempys grow slow until the taproot hits the resevoir in the bottom, so I want that to happen sooner. does that look like algae to you? Like I said my wife told me that wasn't green so that was good.
  5. I was also meaning to ask: When is it OK to turn the 1kw HPS on? I think it's still obviously too early but I'm only using CFLs for seedling stage, and I don't want any stretching.
  6. I would say it looks like discoloration from the light one the white perlite...nothing to be alarmed about(but make sure it doesnt turn bad). Well like I said I use clones for all mine(that way I know Im growing girls) and dont really have any exp. with seedlings...but I wouldnt say they grow slow until they hit the rez. I just planted 4 WW clones on 5th and they have hit the rez a few days ago. I just have tried to transplant rooted plants and they dont go in easy(unless you have spare set of hands...wifes do come in handy). But sounds like you got a handle on it...keep up the good work


  7. Are you planning on vegging with the hps or just the cfl's? If your planning on running the hps thru the whole grow...I would wait til the plants are a little bigger to reduce strecthing due to amount of space they would need to be away from light at first.

  8. I'm going to use hps the whole grow, just not sure of when they will be able to handle it

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